Whitney Wolfe Journey as a Successful Tech Giant

Whitney Wolfe is a famous daughter of a property manager and her loving and a caring mum who spent almost all her life at home so that she could care for her daughter. She was able to enjoy the best childhood environment full of quietness, happiness at the famous state of Salt Lake City. She was a good student at high school and was able to get a chance to study at the famous University if Southern Methodist which is located in Dallas in Texas. She studied a bachelors degree in international studies.

Whitney Wolfe while on campus was able to move swiftly towards saving the environment when there was BP oil spill in the year 2010. She was only 19 years by then and rushed towards raising funds that would help them in future. She was able to start making bamboo tote bags for the affected families. She was in partnership with a great celebrity which made them receive a lot of donations. The project was called ‘Help Us Project’ which was able to receive global attention when Nicole and Rachel Zoe took photos with the bags. They were able to raise a lot of funds and thus achieving her dream of helping people.

Whitney Wolfe later graduated and left for Southeast Asia. She started to volunteer at an orphanage and was able to serve so many children. After working for some time, she later left to her home country. Her desire was to achieve greatness in life and had always wanted to make it in life. She had the desire to venture into the technology industry. At only 22 years, she joined the famous Hatch Labs which was a famous incubator for startups. She had no experience in the tech industry but had a lot of skills in marketing. She was introduced in the field in a project that was called Cardify which was led by the famous Sean Rad. Later the project stopped and they went to work on a different project.

That is when she was introduced to the dating app industry and they started working on the development of a dating app called Tinder. It involved Justin Mateen, Rad and also Whitney. She, therefore, became a co-founder and was given an opportunity to even suggest the name for the business. She later was engaged in a dispute and left the company. In 2014, she launched another dating app known as Bumble. It has grown tremendously over the years.