Venturing into the Digital Industry with Malcolm CasSelle

Everything Malcolm CasSelle touches is bound to prosper. Besides WAX, Malcolm is the CIO of OPSkins, the leading firm of in-game virtual asset globally. OPSkins is also excelling in bitcoin trade in the globe. Clients transact payments across the world, especially with the user demand for decentralization. Despite the firm’s popularity, it has centralized systems. This approach has technological limitations that drive users to opt the decentralized virtual assets.

OPSkins is ahead of this issue, and plans are underway to launch Worldwide Asset Exchange. It will be a P2P platform for virtual assets trading, which is founded on blockchain and decentralization. Smart contracts will allow buyers and sellers to trade with each other efficiently. Also, WAX will be addressing fragmentation and fraud, the two primary problems in the virtual asset market.

Using WAX will be easy and efficient for buyers. They will tokenize their assets and purchase gaming assets from other players. The purchases will not require off-screen processes. WAX will have a blockchain-enabled widget that will facilitate instant purchases without hitches or delays. A common currency will be available for all gamers to ease the transactions for players in different geographical locations. WAX is looking forward to giving their clients quality and effective services.

Before the idea of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was formerly the president and CTO at Tronc. He accomplished the fast growth of business and other achievements. Other places Malcolm has worked are Digital Media and Timeline Labs. Most of Malcolm’s experience is in the digital industry, where his passion lies. He has also invested in some social media companies such as Zynga and Facebook.

One of the most exciting points in his career was PCCW. Malcolm was a co-founder of this company in Hong Kong. Today, PCCW is publicly trading with a value of over $35 billion. Malcolm has played a significant role in raising a lot of money for the company. Malcolm’s career began with a sturdy foundation in education. Malcolm is also a linguist who is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin, among other languages.

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