Todd Lubar Gives Baltimore’s Real Estate and Overall Economy a Clean Bill of Health

The ever growing real estate business in Baltimore underlines the changing economic landscape of the region. Mainstream media may not give you enough positive news about the Charm City, but Todd Lubar argues that the positives in the area supersede the negatives that news headlines capture. Todd noted that many of Charm City’s old building structures had been substituted with modern and sensational new buildings. Real estate developers, as well as other investors, are flocking the city on a daily basis in an attempt to get a share of the booming business. Todd gives an example of the historic Bank of America building that stood at 10 Light Street that has since been restructured to accommodate an expansive gym and other commercial apartments.

Todd’s Assessment of Baltimore

Todd Lubar argues that for those people who are finding it hard to sustain themselves in Washington D.C, the Charm City is the best alternative. The bigger percentage of these people are the millennials- a youthful and learned population seeking to establish a base for their personal and professional growth. Todd notes that such people provide businesspeople with a market to sell their products and apartment owners with people to rent their facilities. Bearing in mind that this population has a long life ahead of them, Baltimore’s growth trajectory will not be stagnating anytime soon.

Todd Lubar’s advice on matters of entrepreneurship cannot be ignored. He advises that upcoming entrepreneurs should consider trying their luck in the Charm City. He argues that because of the high concentration of young professionals in the area, cheap labor is available. Bearing in mind that one of the greatest challenges startups get is finding quality workforce due to the high wages that comes with it, Baltimore is an ideal place to start off in the world of business.

Todd Lubar

A graduate of the eminent Syracuse University, Todd Lubar is an authority in financial, mortgage, and real estate markets. He has a good professional record for his days at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group.

As a business executive, Todd Lubar cultivated his skills at Charter Funding. He served as the firm’s senior vice president for several years, and while there, he made positive inroads into the mortgage market. Today, he is among the top investors in Maryland and Baltimore. Check out

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