Todd Lubar – A multidisciplinary Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is one of the most prominent business individuals and serial entrepreneurs in the United States. He is also the president of TDL Global Company, which is focused in the development o helping those who are in dire need in society. According to recent sources, he is also the President of the Legendary Investment Company.

In 1995, he graduated from University and decided to become an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, Todd Lubar became a mortgage agent and joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation based in the United States. For more than four years, he worked at that company leading it to profitability through innovation and success. During that year, Todd Lubar he commenced his work at the Arlington-based Legacy Financial Company. While he was working at the company, his office in Maryland expanded to host more than $100 million in few years through production in volumes.

In 2003, his focus in real estate shifted to another industry and commenced a new vision in entrepreneurship. He started working for the Legendary Investment Properties Company. Because he had a significant contribution to the real estate industry through his company, he grew too fast for someone to catch. For this reason, he made more than 200 transactions annually through the multi-family properties in the region.

While 2005 fast approached, he worked with the company until that year. For this reason, he shifted his focus to another industry. He founded Charter Funding Company to take care of investments in the real estate industry through innovation and technology. During the years preceding 2007, mortgage companies underwent a market recession which saw the downfall of the industry. For this reason, the company assisted him to make his way through innovation and technology. When the recession was over, he shifted back to his industry because it had started gaining roots in the region.

However, his main focus has been in the mortgage banking industry. For this reason, he developed high-end facility management which saw to it that development was made paramount. He has also owned numerous companies working to satisfy the needs of this strategy. In the night club industry, he has also sustained his business. To learn more, visit

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