The Long And Successful Business Career Of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg currently helps to run one of the most successful clothing companies in the country, JustFab. This company currently sells an extremely large amount of clothing over the internet, but they also sell a significant amount of clothing in person. The company also is continuing to grow, and it is expected to keep growing for many years to come. Adam Goldenberg currently works with Kate Hudson and Don Ressler to successfully run this clothing company. However, he has been in the business world for quite some time prior to the start of JustFab. In fact, he got his start long before JustFab was started. He actually began his career as an entrepreneur while he was only middle school age.

Adam Goldenberg started his career as an entrepreneur with money that he received from his bar mitzvah. This was at the age of only 13. The business that he first started was a bulletin that was posted online. This did quite well, and after a couple of years he changed it into a different kind of business. This was when he started a site for online gaming, and this was quite successful. In fact, it was so successful that it got the attention of a large and successful company, called Intermix. This was at the age of only 17. Source:

When Goldenberg was still a teenager, at the age of 19, Intermix hired him in a high level position. He was hired by the company as their COO. In this role, he did a lot to help Intermix to continue be a highly successful corporation and grow further. Ultimately, the company acquired a website by the name of This website was owned by the man that would become a long term business partner of Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler owned this company, and Intermix’s purchase of it began their long standing and continuing business partnership.

When they began working together, they began to come up with ideas that benefited Intermix even further. They began Alena Media, which was quite profitable for Intermix. Ultimately, they both ended up leaving Intermix behind. However, they came up with a very profitable business idea of their own. This was when they founded Intelligent Beauty on Their company was quite successful, and JustFab was ultimately launched from Intelligent Beauty. Adam Goldenberg continues to work very well with Don Ressler, and they continue to come up with ideas together for the betterment of JustFab.