The Davos Financial Group Launch an Application for Its Real Estate Clients

The cut-throat competition in the real estate industry is on the rise like never before. Using mobile phones to reach customers has been a common technique for business in the 21st century. In real estate, more than 1/5 of all house hunts start on mobile and handheld devices. With such a statistic, the importance of going mobile cannot be overemphasized. Every real estate company should know that many customers use mobile technology to make their lives more convenient.


Davos Real Estate Group has timed for the best moment to take advantage of customer’s growing reliance on the use of mobile devices. In June 2016, the group announced the launch of its new mobile application known as Davos CAP Calculator. The primary purpose for coming up with the application is to assess the return on real estate investments. The app has a functional design aimed at simplifying the way clients interact with real estate when looking to rent, purchase, or even sell a property. It is compatible on Android and iPhone devices.


The Davos CAP Calculator is the first launch of a series of similar apps, which will have the capacity to identify properties via a mobile device and send reports to an agent at Davos through an interactive chat. One of the amazing features of the application is its innovative tool that will help investors calculate returns on the property when purchasing one. It also allows clients to estimate the cost of rent of a particular property that is ideal for their expected income. The app comes with several benefits like acting as a mortgage calculator where Davos’ clients can estimate their mortgage based on projections by banks, the rate of interest and the funding period.


Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is an independent subsidiary of Davos Financial Group, an international financial group that provides customized financial consultancy services aimed at providing solid investment solutions. REG is a brokerage firm that represents international clients in areas like single-family residential, commercial real estate, new development and luxury vacation rental.


David J. Osio founded Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993. Mr. Osio serves as the CEO of the group and has propelled the company’s growth by providing financial advice to different groups of clients. David Osio is an alumnus of Catholic University Andres Bello specializing in banking and finance as well as international banking law from EstudiosSuperiores de Administración IESA. He further attended the Institute of Finance in New York where he undertook equity portfolio management. The course enabled him to hone his skills in banking and investment advising.

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