The Career of Martin Lustgarten in Investment Banking

Early Life

Martin Lustgarten is a well-known figure in the world of investment banking. There are few people who are able to succeed on the level that he has. However, he did not always know that he wanted to work in one of the hardest industries in the world. Investment banking generally has a high turnover rate simply because there are so many hours to work every day. A lot of people burn out when working that much and dealing with clients. However, MartinLustgarten has been able to turn his lessons from his early life into things that help his career. He was born into a middle class family, but he was eventually able to work his way up where he went to a good college.


His career did not take off immediately. Many people wrongly assume that workers at the level of Martin Lustgarten got there simply because they are great at one thing or another. However, a lot of people do not see all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. There are a lot of other ways in which a person can succeed in his or her career. In the life of Martin Lustgarten, he worked his way to the top simply by working harder than many other people. Once he got to the investment banking industry, he knew that he was ready to start working. He is a great example of what a person can achieve if they work hard enough.

Investment Banking Work

Anyone who worked in the investment banking world during the financial crash knows just how difficult things were during that time. There was a lot of uncertainty when it came to investing. There were even some people in the industry who committed suicide because they lost all of their money and failed their clients. However, Martin Lustgarten was able to press through and fight on even during the hard times. There are a lot of ways that this shows his hard work and persistence.

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