The Capital Group Chairman, Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is a veteran investment expert who is the CEO and the chairman of the Capital group. Board of Directors of the firm elected Timothy as the chairman after the death of James Rothenberg, whose death occurred due to a heart attack in 2015. Armour has exceptional leadership skills which allow him to work with teams efficiently. Currently, Capital Group, popularly known as the home of American Funds is among the best investment management companies in the entire world. Tim Armour has over three decades experience in investment. Additionally, he is the Principal executive officer of the Capital and Research Management Firms and a great manager at Equity Portfolio in the USA.

Timothy Armour went to Middlebury College for his bachelor’s degree in economics. Therefore, he has the relevant skills in management, investment, and a property advisor. After graduating from Middlebury College, he joined Capital Group as a principal investment analyst who helped the organization grow massively. Tim guarantees the young investors good annual returns when they invest wisely. Since the establishment of the firm in 1932 by Lovelace Jonathan, the firm continues to assist investors in the USA to develop by giving new innovative ideas.

The Capital Group signed an agreement with Samsung to partner in investment strategies. The deal stated that they would work together as a team to enhance proper retirement solutions, to give appropriate investment strategies and to offer efficient management support. On this agreement, Timothy stated that it would increase the investment capabilities of Samsung. He also said that Capital Group and Samsung would assist Koreans to manage their assets properly to avoid difficulties after retirement.

Janet Yang, CFA, said that the success of the Capital group company is as a result of the hard work and commitment of each stakeholder. Janet indicated that the management performed excellently in getting more assets to manage for their clients. Moreover, she stated that the company’s board of director’s choice to elect Timothy as the CEO was the best move for the firm because he has excellent skills and experience to manage massive investments.

In 2015, China recorded slow economic growth rate. It caused global stocks to tumble because the Chinese country accounts almost 15% of the global GDP. Numerous countries with close economic ties with China were affected. Timothy’s view about this issue was that it was not a new thing to the world. Previously, the USA had the same problems. He claimed that it was an economic correction which is healthy for markets if it occurs periodically to get things balanced. Therefore, the experience of Timothy Armour is exceptional, and he views the global market wisely. It is the main reason why Capital Group is continuing to grow by acquiring new clients and partners every year.