The Success and Properties of OSI Group

OSI Group is among the firms that have proved the real meaning of growth. The firm was ranked as the 58th biggest private company in the world. The worth of the company was estimated to be $6.1 billion. OSI has more than 20000 employees, which is good for the global economy. Its branches are spread in 16 countries with 65 locations.Many people are ignorant about the products they buy in the supermarkets for consumption as well as the preparation process for the food they eat in restaurants. It is critical that you know the products you and your family consume are healthy. Many people have consumed OSI food product unaware. They are primary suppliers for multiple renowned supermarkets and restaurants including the famous McDonalds.

According to OSI has made multiple acquisitions to improve its reception in many nations worldwide. In 2016, they purchased part of Baho Food. The latter is a Dutch Company with several branches in Netherlands and Germany. When they purchased the company, it had 18 subsidiaries in Europe. OSI Industries has ideas to increase its production and sales.In the same year, OSI Purchased Flagship Europe. By so doing they took over their condiments, and frozen pies and poultry. With OSI business strategies that have already worked for them, they will make Europe Flagship compatible with the USA market. The OSI Group has not forgotten other parts of the world, as they have expanded in Spain and Germany.

As much as international expansion is important to OSI Group, they still remember their roots. They purchased Tyson Foods, a leading food company in Chicago that was at the edge of closing down because of financial challenges. The employees of the firm were given a choice to retain their jobs. This could have resulted in 500 unemployed citizens.The rate at which OSI is growing is very impressive. They have set a good foundation for the future and longevity of the firm. It is a surprise that the firm has been able to remain at the top of its game for all these years. OSI Group has experienced all the harsh economic turmoils and remained strong.

A Position at OSI Food Solutions is Not Just a Job

The OSI Food Solutions Company is aptly named. Not only does the company supply custom food products to a global market but it also helps its partners to find an innovative solutions to a variety of manufacturing problems that may occur. Established as a single meat market in Chicago, Illinois in 1909, OSI Food Solutions currently operates 65 facilities in 17 different countries and employs over 10000 people.The company’s success is based largely on its reliability and vision but its foundation for over 100 years has been its employees. OSI Food Solutions is an equal a business opportunity employer and seeks those who have a passion and enthusiasm for their work.

Company executives have created a culture in which every employee can make a difference and they encourage everyone to be creative in their thinking. Those who work well on teams, who develop solutions to unique problems and who provide excellent customer service have an opportunity to be promoted because the company rewards these traits.OSI offers employment in a variety of areas. Job titles include Quality Assurance Technician, General Utility, General Labor Packaging and Traffic Supervisor. Though each of these positions require a different skill set, the common denominator is that each person hired will have some level of responsibility for quality inspection and excellent customer service.

These priorities are reflected in each of the company’s job descriptions.All new OSI Food Solutions employees must participate in an orientation and training program that focuses on quality assurance and food safety system. The company maintains the highest standards in all areas and employees must follow these established practices. OSI has not only been successful in meeting industry standards but the business goal is to consistently exceed the norms. Based on safety records and an overall commitment to quality and excellence, OSI Food Solutions was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.