Skout and Amiable College Students in the United States

Countless college students all around the United States returned to their schools in September 2015. The long summer break was over and these young students were more eager than ever to get back to the learning process. “Skout” is the name of a communications application that gives users the opportunity to encounter new faces. It’s immensely popular among people who want to network and potentially make new friends and contacts. The team behind this app assessed a year’s worth of information not too long ago. This information assessed the habits of young people who made use of the application. These people were all between 18 and 24 years of age. The goal of this review was to determine which college towns in the United States were the most affable and amiable in nature. The Skout staff carefully assessed a good number of prominent college towns in the nation. They, as a result, were able to figure out which specific towns had Skout users who were the most dedicated and active.

Their results were rather interesting, too. The 10 “friendliest locales” list was topped by Madison, Wisconsin. Madison was then followed by Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, Boulder, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA and lastly, Dallas, TX. Skout’s list, surprisingly enough, was heavy on major metropolises such as the Big Apple.

Skout also had some other findings. Boston has a reputation for being the United States’ quintessential college town. It was number 12 on the list. The company’s information also showed that Los Angeles residents are particularly fond of giving gifts to other people. They made the most use of the app’s virtual gift features. Adding up all of the virtual gifts that were shared in Dallas, Chicago, Miami and Boston still wouldn’t beat Los Angeles. Skout’s information revealed that Boulder is home to the nicest young men around, too. The nicest young women around, on the other hand, aren’t there. They’re located in Madison nowhere close to Boulder.

Skout performed an in-depth survey that asked participants a number of key questions. The survey had 2,500 plus participants. All of these people were Skout app users. The Skout team learned via the survey that people believe it’s a lot easier to befriend others during the college years. Friendships are significantly harder during high school. Despite that, more than half of the survey’s participants noted that they felt anxiety about the idea of finding friends prior to beginning their higher educations. Many students also noted that they quickly found great buddies. 72 percent of the people who responded to Skout’s survey indicated that they encountered pals within seven days of their campus arrivals.

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