Securus Technologies Keeping Heat on Fugitives

When there is a fugitive on the loose in our town, my team has to mobilize quickly in order to try and get them off the street so the residents are not in any danger. This case was very troubling because our suspect was robbing houses, stealing cars, holding up convenience stores, and even shooting at people in nightclubs. His reputation was one of a person you should avoid because he could snap in an instant.


The trouble we had in front of us was that this fugitive had a huge network of safe houses he was bouncing back and forth from. Even when we thought we had them all under surveillance, he simply would move to another and keep up his crime spree. My superiors wanted this case ended today, so we really had to step up our efforts because he was making the entire police force look silly.


Securus Technologies installed the telephone call monitoring system that the corrections officers use at the local prison to hear what inmates are saying when they use the jail phones. The company is based out of Dallas, and all thousand employees and the CEO Richard Smith, all are working towards the goal of making the world safer for us all. This resource was going to help us to get information from the inmates without them even realizing they were helping us.


The officers plugged the information into the LBS software and within hours we got an alert they picked up a conversation pertaining to our fugitive. Seems he was dealing with an inmate’s cousin, and they were buying the stolen goods from our suspect and were told to lay low. This was a connection we did not already have on our radar, so our team monitoring that activity and we made an arrest the following day thanks to the Securus Technologies system.