Securus Technologies Gets its Fair Share of Praise for its Contribution in Securing Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is undoubtedly the largest technology provider in correctional facilities in North America. The company has helped more than a million inmates held in over 3,000 law enforcement and corrections agencies in the USA to connect with friends and family members. On the other hand, the firm designs technological equipment that helps officers in these facilities in conducting surveillance operations. This has gone a long way in reducing crime among inmates


As expected, achievements to this level can never go unnoticed. Securus Technologies often get congratulatory messages from jail officials as well from prisoners’ family members. These messages come in the form of direct emails and letters. In October last year, the firm’s CEO, Mr. Richard Smith, authorized the publishing of some of the messages they have received in the recent past.


Congratulatory Messages


In one of the messages, a client who appeared to be an officer had written to narrate of how his job had been made easy thanks to Securus’ LBS software. The officer pointed out that the software, together with other law enforcement resources, had helped the sheriff’s department in the facility to confiscate drugs and other illegal possessions from inmates. He acknowledged that were it not for the software; this would have been next to impossible.


Another officer wrote of how he had utilized the technology provided by Securus to monitor phone conversations between inmates. In one conversation, he managed to gather valuable information regarding a previous shooting in the facility. In another case, he overheard a conversation between an inmate and a civilian in which they were discussing a possible drug peddling circus in the facility. Other conversations were about threats and illegal money transfers, among many other illegal operations within the facility. With this information, officials were able to move with speed to thwart many potential crimes. This would not have been possible without Securus’ innovations.