Securus Technologies and Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a for profit phone and communications service that connect over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement organizations, and safety groups. Well over 1.2 million inmates are connected to their families and loved ones through the system in a variety of ways including phone, email, text and video.


This program is an up-front, easy to use, convenient method of tying together families and inmates so that they can feel free to communicate with one another freely at times chosen by either party. Easy methods of payment are available in the form of a debit system where the inmate pays for the service, collect calls where the bill is paid by the recipient of the call, direct bill, where the family pays for the call and a prepaid billing system.


Recently, Securus was approved by the Better Business Bureau Accreditation which is designed to give a higher level of legitimacy to the process if inmates or family have any difficulty in working the Securus system.


Not all businesses are eligible for BBB Accreditation as a business has to meet the accreditation standards to even be considered. Once a business meets the standards, an application is submitted to the BBB and the application is either approved or denied. Once approved, consumers may contact the BBB if there are any complaints or remedies needed due to service complaints and similar issues.


It is then up to the BBB member to make any situations that have been causing an issue or problem be rectified to the satisfaction of the consumer. If appropriate action is not taken, then the business may lose its standing and membership in the BBB.


Securus is mindful of the great responsibility that it has in keeping the lines of communication open between inmates and families during a very difficult time in the lives of both parties.