Sam Tabar: Hosting Business Events

To make the most out of business opportunities, financial firms are turning to hosting events as a way to not only gain new business, but also strengthen investor relations and communication. However, to make these events a rousing success, it takes having a person in charge who not only knows the ins and outs of business, but also has the personality that can make any event the place to be for anyone and everyone. When it comes to hosting events in the financial services industry, there is simply no one better than Sam Tabar. Utilizing his in-depth knowledge of international finance and his excellent interpersonal communication skills, Sam has shown he has what it takes to make any of his events very successful.

With an educational and career background that emphasizes working with various cultures around the world, Sam is very comfortable hosting an event anywhere in the world. Putting his international background to good use, Sam has used the skills learned while attending Oxford University to let him relate well with people the world over. Having a particular fondness for the Asia-Pacific region, Sam regularly travels to Hong Kong and other areas in that region to host events related to investor and client relations. Having established himself as an expert in global marketing strategies, shows Sam has hosted some of the most successful events in the world related to this topic. Finding himself always in demand, Sam has gained a reputation as not only a great host for any event, but also an expert that can provide advice and strategy that gets immediate results.

Showing he has what it takes to help clients anywhere in the world, Sam has become known for giving legal presentations that are not only interesting and fun, but also quite informative. Often relying on his background as an attorney, he has been able to provide clients with large amounts of feedback on such topics as contract law, employment law, investor agreements, and regulatory issues. By making these and other topics much easier for people to understand, Sam is expected to become an event host whose services will be in even greater demand in the years ahead. With a personality second to none, Sam’s events are indeed special occasions.  Now that he’s landed a new job with Fullcycle Energy Fund, Sam Tabar’s career is off and running.

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