Richard Dwayne Blair Three Pillar Approach

Are you an investor who wish to learn new investment skills or improve your current skills? If your answer is yes, then Richard Dwayne Blair is there to help you. Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly skilled teacher whose teaching skills are dated back to three generations of his lineage.

In 1974, Richard Dwayne Blair built a Wealth solution firm to offer magic formulas to its clients on how to remain at an edge above their competitors. This is achieved through organized teamwork, which teaches the clients on how to make a wise investment decision. They help the investors to identify their needs and create goals, which will improve the way they operate.

Richard Dwayne Blair has based his firm in Austin, Texas where he gives back to the community. His advice aims to make investors achieve a milestone in their lives. The main focus of Richard Dwayne Blair to his clients is in investment planning and wealth management.

The needs and current financial situation of the clients are formulated in a more holistic plan, which involves a Three Pillar Approach. Those pillars are as follows:

  • The First Pillar

This pillar is aimed at laying the financial roadmap of the client. Richard Dwayne Blair achieves this by identifying the goals of the client, risk tolerance and the available opportunities to grow. By so doing Richard Dwayne Blair achieves an everlasting strong relationship with his clients since he is able to understand the client’s goals and formulate the expectations clearly.

  • The Second Pillar

This is where Richard Dwayne Blair develops a strategy, which is tailored to meet the client’s unique goals and liquidity needs. The team achieves this by relocating the assets aimed to capture the maximum performance at the time when the market is moving upward. They also the evaluate the negative impact on the client’s portfolio especially when the market is going down.

  • The Third Pillar

This is also called implementation and monitoring stage. It is the third and the last stage. This stage is where Richard Dwayne Blair implements the client’s financial goals by monitoring and comparing them to the client’s expectations.