Todd Lubar Is A Successful Entrepreneur

The President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC is Todd Lubar. According to, he is the Sr. VP to Legendary Investments also. Todd Lubar has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. This has helped him to become a successful entrepreneur. In addition, he has worked in several other sectors such as entertainment, construction, and even mortgage banking.

He thought about TDL Global Ventures after he had worked in the finance space and realized the barriers faced by people that did not allow them to fulfill their dreams. He wanted to help them in eliminating these common barriers so that they could get their loans and realize their dreams.

Todd Lubar is not focusing on ideas alone. In his Ideamensch interviews, h said that he knows that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, he needs to bring those ideas to life. This requires a will that will make this happen.

He loves to embrace technology. He is quite excited about the technology that is looking at making home functions easy to operate through a remote. He is impressed with the amount of work that can now be done efficiently through technology.

In order to be productive as an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar likes to keep himself organized. He wants to keep a tab on the pulse of his business. He wants to know what is going on in his business at all the levels. This is a big help while making informed decisions.

Todd Lubar believes that people are very important. You need to know who you are surrounded with. It is important to be careful with the kind of people who are into your sphere of influence. They can change a person completely. This is also required in order to promote a culture of trust in any business. These should be people who can challenge you, help you grow and promote the growth of your business this way.

He says that being an entrepreneur is hard work. You need to give it everything that you have. You need to remember your goals and look at the bigger picture all the time. It also requires the support of a lot of like-minded people.

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EOS Wins Business by Appealing to Women

EOS lip balm can be found just about everywhere nowadays. From Walgreens to Walmart then Target, almost everywhere. Ten years ago, no one had heard of it, but now it is one of the leading and highest selling products of them all. EOS sells $1 million worth of lip balm every single week without fail. It took the founders this long to share the intricate details of how they managed to make a mountain out of a mole hill with their business. One of the founders said that everything started with the idea to cater to the needs of women. Instead of having a unisex product like Chapstick, this company wanted to create something that would appeal mostly to women. Thus came all of the fabulous colors and all the delicious flavors.

Products like Chapstick and Blistex had been around for a long time when EOS lip balm came on the scene. They had the market cornered, and with good reason: they worked. Both Chapstick and Blistex were excellent at ending dry lip issues for people and leaving them with a fresh feeling mouth. The problem with those items was that they weren’t fun. Users didn’t have a burning desire to go out and buy Chapstick all the time. They mostly went and bought it when they were sick or the temperatures outside were extreme. The makers of EOS lip balm wanted to create something that consumers craved, and they succeeded. EOS lip balm is different from other lip balm items because it is captivating in every way. Its design captures the eyes; its shell captures the hands, and scented flavors capture the nose and tickle the taste buds. It’s hard for a woman not to like this lip balm because it’s so versatile.

EOS wasn’t sure if its efforts were going to succeed, but they took a chance on them anyway. That risk earned the company $250 million already. Visit the company’s website at

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Hussain Sajwani – Entrepreneurship and International Friendships

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a wildly successful entrepreneur, real estate property developer, and investor. He is based in the United Arab Emirates and lives in Dubai. Mr. Hussain Sajwani was born there in 1956. Read more: Hussain Sajwani  | Forbes

He was an exemplary student at the University of Washington from which he majored in Economics. After graduating the renowned institution, Mr Hussain Sajwani began a prosperous career in the United Arab Emirates in the fields of real estate and startup companies.

Before he founded his own business, Mr. Hussain Sajwani worked for a few years as a contracts manager and a large corporation. It was called GASCO and it was a very well established business. It provided business management services for other firms. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

In 1982, Mr. Hussain Sajwani moved on from his position at GASCO and founded his first startup – Draieh Management Services Co. The company is better to know the name of DAMAC Properties. Up to date, Damac Properties is one of the largest corporations in its line of work and it is also the most successful company that Mr. Hussain Sajwani has ever created.

Damac Properties is catering provider company. It works in a large number of countries and with all sectors. It is also an active investor in the business of real estate. Up to date, it has been involved in about 17 500 real estates construction projects such as apartment buildings, houses, and luxury villa around the Middle East.

Another profitable startup that Hussain Sajwani Family has established are DICO Investment CO LLC in early 1992 and Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG in late 1997. The former is an investment firm that works with mergers and equities and the latter has earned a profit of more than $150 million and has an operation reach in ten other countries.

Among the latest projects I the business of real estate that Mr. Hussain Sajwani collaborated on is the Trump International Golf Club. His family and he are a close friend of the family of current president D. Trump. The project amassed more than two million in profits from the rents and sales of luxury villas, the partnership was highly beneficial to both sides.

Securus Technologies Gets its Fair Share of Praise for its Contribution in Securing Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is undoubtedly the largest technology provider in correctional facilities in North America. The company has helped more than a million inmates held in over 3,000 law enforcement and corrections agencies in the USA to connect with friends and family members. On the other hand, the firm designs technological equipment that helps officers in these facilities in conducting surveillance operations. This has gone a long way in reducing crime among inmates


As expected, achievements to this level can never go unnoticed. Securus Technologies often get congratulatory messages from jail officials as well from prisoners’ family members. These messages come in the form of direct emails and letters. In October last year, the firm’s CEO, Mr. Richard Smith, authorized the publishing of some of the messages they have received in the recent past.


Congratulatory Messages


In one of the messages, a client who appeared to be an officer had written to narrate of how his job had been made easy thanks to Securus’ LBS software. The officer pointed out that the software, together with other law enforcement resources, had helped the sheriff’s department in the facility to confiscate drugs and other illegal possessions from inmates. He acknowledged that were it not for the software; this would have been next to impossible.


Another officer wrote of how he had utilized the technology provided by Securus to monitor phone conversations between inmates. In one conversation, he managed to gather valuable information regarding a previous shooting in the facility. In another case, he overheard a conversation between an inmate and a civilian in which they were discussing a possible drug peddling circus in the facility. Other conversations were about threats and illegal money transfers, among many other illegal operations within the facility. With this information, officials were able to move with speed to thwart many potential crimes. This would not have been possible without Securus’ innovations.




Tammy Mazzocco Has Continued Success

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate broker who is located in Central Ohio. She works in Franklin, Licking, Fairfield, and Deleware Counties where she sells residential real estate.


Tammy got her start in real estate by working as a secretary for a nine-person commercial real estate group. Here she got the picture that a substantial income could be earned in the real estate business. From there she was the manager for a large condominium project for seven years. Her boss suggested that she go ahead and get her real estate license because she would be better able to assist him with some of his real estate projects that way.


When she worked for a very successful RE/MAX high volume agent, Tammy saw how a large real estate office should be run, and in 1999, she decided to take the plunge and go into real estate on a full-time basis. As it turned out, that was a great decision and Tammy Mazzocco has never looked back with any regrets.


Tammy loves her work because she enjoys the people. She says that the real estate business is a people business. Once she was asked what she does every day over and over that she could pass along to others, she said, “I attempt to treat my clients’ time and investment as I would my own. I don’t focus on the commission that I will receive at the end of the deal – I stay in the moment and focus on the deal that is best for the client at all times.”


She also focuses on setting goals and then breaking down the goal into actionable steps. This is the best way to make progress because little bites of the goal are easy to accomplish.


Tammy Mazzocco is a doer, and she doesn’t let any dust settle because she keeps moving. Her number one goal is to be with a client looking at a potential new house. She works hard, and the payoff is big. That is just how she likes it.

Talented Wedding Photographers

The George Street Photo and Video has several different locations throughout London. Each facility is staffed with the most talented photo and video journalists in the area. The company specializes in engagement and wedding photography. There are many different packages for you to choose from, all of which range in affordable prices. During your first meeting with the photograph consultant, you can give them a more detailed idea of what you want to have done and they can tell you what is available to fit your needs. George Street Photo and Video have the talent and tools to beautifully document the most important day of your life.

The US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has relaunched a new website to enforce their status as the top name in the precious metals industry. With their stellar customer service record, AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance, and a focus on client satisfaction, it’s easy to see why U.S. Money Reserve deserves a website to match their national acclaim.


Found in 2001 and currently based in Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of US government-issued gold, silver, and platinum. Their uniquely trained team allows thousands of clients to safely diversify their assets. The U.S. Money Reserve team are also skilled in up-to-date market knowledge, helping clients find the highest profit available.


The full redesign of the U.S. Money Reserve website offers new features intended to increase productivity and ease of access, proving their dedication to creating long-term relationships with each and every client. The overall goal of this relaunch is to educate future and current precious metals consumers on why it’s a good idea to purchase government-issued buillon. There are also a few crucial tips and tricks on how clients can do all this with minimized risks. Offering current day market information is crucial to the U.S. Money Reserve mission and their dedication to their clients.


The new website is fully responsive, secure, and allows U.S. Money Reserve to have quick communication with their clients. It even features a brand new photo gallery, showing off detailed images of precious metals and gold and silver coins. The site’s online shop also offers competitive, to the minute prices on silver and gold. Clients can now sign up for a free gold information kit, which provides to the minute, constantly updated information on precious metals and the ins and outs of the industry, including coin minting, purchasing, and grading. There’s even a news room that shows off updates on the market, for savvy clients who want to keep their finger on the pulse.


U.S. Money Reserve clients can now be connected for one-on-one consultations, get help with their purchases, and even set up secure, offline transactions. The U.S. Money Reserve’s buyback guarantee remains one of the best in the precious metals industry, with a full refund offered on certified coin orders within 30 days. Client testimonials are now readily available to read, so customers can speak of their own experiences with the company and its one of a kind, secure services.

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Karl Heideck Is A Respected Pennsylvania Litigation Attorney

A litigation attorney provides legal representation to businesses, organizations, and individuals involved in civil lawsuits. These attorneys have skills and experience in the realm of representing people in a wide array of different types of court proceedings. These proceedings include trials, motion hearings, pretrial settings, and other matters.

In many instances, a person who becomes a litigation attorney makes the decision to be a litigator while in law school. A law student intent on litigation as a career will take a particular core set of courses. These include courtroom procedure, evidence, and civil procedure.

A law student who wants to be a litigation lawyer will also likely participate in a law school’s moot court program. He or she may become involved in a law school’s legal clinic.

Through a legal clinic program, a law student in his or her third year represents actual clients under the supervision of a licensed attorney. These students make certain types of court appearance while in a clinic program, which lays the groundwork for them to become litigators once they become licensed attorneys.

Karl Heideck is a respected litigation attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has represented a broad spectrum of clients in a wide array of different types of court proceedings.

In addition to being a litigator, Heideck also represents clients in cases involving employment law and commercial law. He also assist clients in the realms of risk management and regulatory compliance.

As part of his litigation practice, Heideck is a solid writer. In addition to court appearances, a skilled litigation attorney must also be able to prepare a number of different types of pleadings. Pleadings are written documents presented to court in the course of a lawsuit.

Heideck obtained his law degree from Temple University. He obtained a BA from Swarthmore College before beginning his legal studies.

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Sam Boraie’s Stunning Success

Sam Boraie and his family’s prosperous real estate development company operate out of New Jersey, leading many booming development initiatives in New Brunswick and the surrounding area. Boraie Development has become a pillar of the New Brunswick community and helped with much of the urban development that has brought a flush of life into the community. Boraie Development’s president and patriarch, Sam’s father, created the company with a vision of cleaning up the inner-city’s slums characterized by high levels of crime. The company is now primarily managed by Sam, the family’s spokesperson. To say that the original vision of the company has been a success may be an understatement, with unprecedented prosperity in the area.

While Boraie Development LLC ( is based in New Brunswick, they also work on projects in Newark and Atlantic City that find adoring supporters in the New Jersey community; Sam Boraie has attracted prominent development collaborations. Shaquille O’Neil sought the company’s talents when he decided to bring to Newark his vision of the One Riverview Building, an apartment building the likes of which the community has not constructed in over fifty years, meant to bring more affordable living options in the area. The project promises to attract young millennials that work in New York City but can’t afford the high costs of living near work.

Another prominent residential project also spearheaded by the visionary is a project in Atlantic City, that aims to rejuvenate the community from of an extended market slump. His efforts go beyond strategically building luxury condos; he has been the brains behind the development of several inner-city building projects. These sorts of developments seek to soothe the aches of sky high rents by providing affordable and quality housing in areas that need relief.

Sam Boraie has established himself as more than the head of a successful real estate company, devoting both his money and energy to his projects and the community. He is on the advisory board and is a major donor for nonprofit Elijah’s Promise, whose proceeds go toward feeding the hungry. Also, a patron of the arts, Sam is on the Board of Trustees ( for the historical State Theater in New Brunswick. The theater is another feature of the city that received a face lift from the Boraie Company. The venue was made into a vibrant performance arts destination, with more than 5 million people having attending performances there since 1988. Sam Boraie and the works of his company have forever changed the landscape of New Jersey, bringing forth a new age of well-being and security.

How Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Changing Online Dating

Online dating has certainly changed over the years. It was once considered a niche, but it has slowly risen in popularity and now enjoys incredible support. We can already see this with the rise of Tinder and other dating apps focused on giving people a completely new way of meeting each other and hooking up. However, this has brought a number of issues to the forefront such as sexual harassment. Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe has experienced some of the issues of sexual harassment for herself. In fact, before she left Hatch Labes she settled a lawsuit against the company for just over $1 million.

How Bumble Approaches The Problem

Bumble changes everything by giving women the first move in dating. Women must initiate contact with the men they choose before the men can even respond. This creates a huge difference in how things are generally approached in dating. Many of the issues of sexual harassment simply aren’t happening on Bumble and many of the major issues are hardly seen. Less than 1% of all Bumble users complain about sexual harassment or any other related issues. This is a radical departure from the dating norm.

The Rise Of Bumble And Beyond

Bumble was launched in 2014 and it now has millions of users. The app isn’t exactly at the same place as Tinder, but it is approaching and gaining speed. The competition in online dating is fierce, but Bumble is in a unique position to offer something almost unseen in the problematic world of online dating.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur with a strong focus on mobile apps. She got her start working for Hatch Labs, but after a couple of years she decided to set out on her own. Her first project beyond Hatch Labs was the dating app Bumble. Bumble has some similarities to the dating app Tinder, but it focuses on giving women the first move in dating. Whitney Wolfe hopes to use Bumble to combat issues in online dating such as sexual harassment.

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