Contribution of Eli Gershkovitch in the Growth of Steamworks Group of Companies

Amsterdam Brewing Company is a private firm which is based in Toronto. The company founded in 1986 and it was the first brewer to provide crafted lagers and ales in the city. It brews over ten brands of beers such as Big Wheel Amber. The beers are made from four all natural ingredients in using traditional brewing techniques. Bellwoods is another brewery which deals provide high-quality beer in the city of Toronto. The firm was opened in 2012, and it provides traditionally brewed beers. Another company that provides crafted Canadian beer is Black Oak Brewing Company, the firm produces high-quality slow-brewed crafted beer. Its products such as Pale Ale and Nut Brown have won various awards for its quality.

Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies. The company operates in over 14 states in also supplies foreign countries such as Switzerland and Germany. Eli Gerskovitch skillful leadership and committed is what makes the firm successful. He developed the company from a small pub to a big industry.

Eli Gershkovitch has been producing Canadian craft beer for more than twenty years. His interest in brewing was initiated after his tour of many brewing industries in 1987.The tour of was done in European. His craft breweries are renowned for high quality crafted beers. The company has distribution points in various parts of Canada among other countries.

Eli Gershkovitch expanded the operations of his company in 2013.The company produces over 40,000-hectolitre of crafted beer. The beers are produced to meet the high demand from its consumers. He acquired the business partner in 1997, and the company has expanded to various parts of the world.

Eli Gershkovitch is credited for the growth and the success of the enterprise. He has led the firm to realize an increase of 50 percent in revenue .the increase in revenues resulted in the expansion of the firm in various parts of USA. He understands the needs of the consumers and the market conditions. The business has boomed in Northern America due to the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch .some of the brands that have received excellent ratings include Peche Mortel and Nectarius. The alcoholic content of the products is about 9.5 percent ( Eli Gershkovitch is a committed leader with rich knowledge and experience in the brewing industry.

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Glen Wakeman: Thinking Outside the Box

Glen Wakeman is an accomplished finance executive and CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He made a name for himself in business development with his creative approach to strategy. Wakeman has over two decades of management experience to fall back on in tough situations. He worked hard to achieve success and reach his goals and wants to help others do the same. He has developed a flexible five-step methodology that is easy to comprehend and execute. He promises that if you properly follow his methodology you will see improvement in leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and Governance.

Glen Wakeman is also the founder of business accelerator Nova Four. He serves as President of the company as well. Nova Four specializes in guiding startups with strategic advice and access to capital. Glen Wakeman is very hands-on when it comes to helping developing companies become successful (NewsSky). CEO coaching and Board Duties are things he more than willingly take on. Aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome to receive his teachings too. At the end of the day, he wants to help as many people as he can attain financial freedom.


Wakeman has held several leadership positions over his storied career. He worked his way up the ladder at GE Capital. He was with the company for more than 20 years and showed his diversified skill set by thriving in progressively complex leadership roles. He attributes much of what he knows now to his time spent at GE Capital. He was able to hone his skills as both an investor and entrepreneur as he learned the do’s and don’ts of finance.


Glen Wakeman is really a remarkable professional. He has revolutionized the way many young businessmen and women approach their decisions. His career is a testament to the positives of thinking outside the box.

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Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJulia works with Jackson Family Wines, which is a non profit organization. Julia Jackson went to Scribbs college and Standford. Arrowood is one of the names of the wine brands Jackson Family Wine produces.Julia says she has always had an interest in wine and was very interested in the business as far back as she can rememember. Julia was born in san francisco California in 1988. Julia remembers having to sort and pick grapes in very hot weather. She says that her father made sure they all sincerely appreciated what it really took to become successful. Julia has not forgotten that. When school was over and during the summer time Julia worked at many of the different Jackson family wineries and this is where she established a bond with one of the winemakers that was working for the family.

Julia says that French is a lifelong passion and being in France around the vineyards and around the wine making was a pivotal point in her life. She was even able to land a teaching job duringJulia Jackson college and was able to teach french to sixth graders. Julia works with the international sales team in Jackson Family Wines. Julia now helps introduce the family wine to a new generation of people that drink wine around the world. Julia puts a lot of effort and devotion into providing high quality wine to people all around the world. Julia takes much pride into work and is very careful with her work and puts long hours into it. She takes much pride into work and appreciates the high quality wine that is preserved and provided by the company. She represents her family’s company well. She does all she can to preserve the company and the family name and does it very well. She puts her heart and soul into her work.

Greg Secker: Founder of Learn to Trade

Greg Secker is the entrepreneurial mind behind companies such as Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Learn to Trade. The ideal that all of his companies share is that they were all founded with the purpose of helping others trade successfully and become more financially secure. The master trader has always been an avid philanthropist. Secker’s philanthropist spirit probably was born from the humble beginnings of his career.

He started as the low man on the totem pole at Thomas Cook Financial Services and worked his way up. When he made his career shift to foreign exchange it really took off. He created The Virtual Trading Desk, a platform that offers an online Forex trading system that acts in real-time. For the time, the platform was groundbreaking and drew a lot of attention to Secker. Soon after, fortune 500 companies began courting him and offering a position. He would become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation.

Though Secker made a name for himself in the corporate world he always wanted to work for himself. He finally got the chance at age 27 when he began trading from home and established Learn to Trade. Though he wanted to give up at times he knew it ws better to just figure out where he went wrong and improve. The support he got from his loved ones and business partners also helped.

Secker decided to start his companies to help beginner traders avoid first time mistakes. He realized that most traders had to teach themselves the ins and outs of trading. He wanted to come up with a way to make trading less risky. Today, he owns one of Europe’s most successful trading companies and Europe’s top trader coaching company. He also helps people become entrepreneurs.


NetPicks’ Incredible Trading Strategies

About NetPicks

NetPicks was founded in 1996 shortly after the emergence of online and day trading. As it grows, NetPicks has become the gold standard in Forex trading systems. Its headquarters is located in Irving, Texas. Its professionals bring an extensive experience in currency trading. NetPicks believes that Futures and Forex trading holds many opportunities for those who can intelligently navigate trends in currency trading market. NetPicks prioritizes on providing reliable, accurate, and dynamic analyses to its subscribers to assist them in long-term wealth management.

You can easily automate NeptPicks’ online trading systems for Dax Futures, Forex, and eMini with the web or phone-based indicators. That helps you to know when trends will emerge or reverse. Automation helps build confidence when selecting an online trade and avoid late-night stress. NetPicks’ automation system helps you to play a more active role, ask real-time questions, use the company’s forex trading strategies, and view the data that experts at NetPicks are using. With NetPicks’ trading platform, you are destined to profit either way.  Additional helpful article on

NetPicks’ experienced professionals work tirelessly to navigate short and long-term trends in the trading industry to help customers reap the benefits. Besides a forex signal service, Netpicks offers real-time support and web seminars to help you achieve your long-term growth. NetPicks helps regular traders to succeed in the Forex market. It has over 25 years of experience in trade training. NetPicks’ experienced traders devote to helping their clients reach their financial goals. NetPicks’ coaching team comprises of highly skilled and experienced traders. NetPick will help you begin your trading journey through its systems designed for your part-time or full-time career. With NetPicks systems, you just choose your objective and let their systems to trade on your behalf.

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Interestingly, anyone can operate NetPicks’ trading systems. As such, you don’t have to spend months studying. You just follow their web seminars, begin practice, and become a pro. You can follow NetPicks at for more updates and latest news. NetPicks’ support is a white glove and will never abandon you. Its traders have promised to be there every step of your way. Over time, they have experienced the highs and lows of trading and will help you as you start your trading journey. For their recent timeline activity update, hop over to this.

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Doe Deere Re-Cap

Passion is a significant component in starting a new business, as it is passion that will create the determination one needs to push through the start-up of a business. Typically, the beginning takes a large amount of time and money before a return is seen. Passion keeps the ideas alive; business plans and an insight into market trends give the ideas vitality. Learn more:

Doe Deere is an example of an entrepreneur who was able to ignite her passion with a solid business plan. She began Lime Crime, a beauty product innovator, whose mission is to revolutionize the way make-up is marketed and the way it makes the customer feel. Her business plan began by finding a hole in the cosmetic market. She noticed that there were not many options for radical colors of make-up or hair product. Capitalizing on this hole, she set off to offer these options. She also added in the social component of making sure that her products could be labeled as cruelty-free. Learn more:

By following this solid plan and implementing things like blue lip stick and rainbow hair dye, she has commandeered a loyal following. She follows up by staying invested in the marketing of her product and maintaining a steadfast personality that aligns with her brand. In interviews she provides (one method of marketing), she mentions her donations to animal rescues and her own rescue cats. She shows a commitment to the cruelty free brand of her product even from within her personal life. Additionally, she comments on the fact that one of the most important things that she does as a business owner is to listen. She mentions that she might not always be listening to pleasant ideas and suggestions; however, even negative feedback is worthy of her time and offers the opportunity for her business to grow.

Doe Deere is one excellent example of what it takes to start a business. She marks her business by the passion she has for making other people feel confident and completely able to express themselves. She allows her clients to feel good about her product by making it cruelty-free. She maintains exposure by keeping an updated web site, offering interviews, and listening to feedback coming from any arena. Business requires this commitment to the business model, as well as a passion that does not stop burning. Learn more:


The Texas-based trading firm, Netpicks was created by Mr. Mark Soberman twenty one years ago. Netpicks has the most qualified expert team that readily serves clients in need of trading information. Specifically, the firm operates in Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Future and Options. The principal purpose behind the formation of Netpicks is to educate people to trade smarter by incorporating their trading systems with three options; full-time career, part-time income, and done in minutes. However, Netpicks argues that there is a huge need for balance most especially from people. This can be done by recognizing the necessity of reducing environmental degradation even with the rapid advancement in technology; people should invest wisely. More to read here.

Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) differ from mutual funds on the process of trading them. Thus, sustainable development in investment can be achieved through different strategies. Thus, as per the USSIF, the following are the four necessary groups that guarantee one maximum social value and financial returns; Positive screening, Negative screening, ESG Integration, and Themed Investing. For instance, Netpicks recommends the four as the most socially responsible investments ETFs that tackles the environment and gender issues at the moment. In addition, the U.S. ETF(ETHO), SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE), iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF (DSI), and iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target (CRBN) were among the selected a few of the outstanding top four “ Green” RTF Etho climate leadership investment plans to go for.

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Netpicks has been in operation since 1996 with his headquarters at Irving Texas. The firm operates through an online platform. Over the years, Netpicks has consistently offered genuine trading support by training and educating their clients on trading experiences. In fact, their main concern is to promote a culture of trade by offering professional training aimed at taking control of the advantages of the lifestyle liberty.  Learn more about the company on this interview here

Netpicks has heavily invested in technology. Headed by Mark Soberman, the firm has the most competitive coaching team of ten professional instructors that guide their clients at any given time. Besides, Netpicks as a firm believes in the power of empowerment.  Visit their page for timeline activity update.   As far as ETF is concerned, Netpicks believes that everyone is entitled to trade their long term holdings, manage their retirements as well as investing in future goals.  Check their timeline activities, click on

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Putting Together a Trade Plan to Go Along With the Trading System Like Netpicks Suggests

For people that are trading in any season including the choppy summer seasons, it is important to take a few steps. While it is an achievement to have a good strategy, one has to figure out where to find that strategy. After all, people who start trading with very little knowledge of the market are not going to be able to come up with a good trading strategy in many cases. They have to go to sources of information in order to come up with some good strategies that can bring forth a lot of good results for the user.

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One good source of information to look at for trading strategies is Netpicks. This website has tons of trading strategies for people to look at. It also has tons of advice on what people should do in their approach to trading. Netpicks can teach traders to not only come up with a good trading strategy, but also a good trading plan that is going to take them places. For one thing, it takes a lot of time for one to prove to himself that the system works no matter what he thinks about it. He has to have the experience of knowing for sure that the trading system is effective. Therefore, he has to have a plan for knowing. Watch and learn from these video clips from

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Among the different aspects of the plan for seeing if something works includes testing it in many different ways so that they will be able to know for sure whether or not the system works. Netpicks does not recommend that anyone takes the word of any trader about a system. It is important for one to test out the system by himself. For one thing, the market is very unpredictable and can even go volatile at some point. Therefore, Netpicks recommends that one gathers as much knowledge as possible before moving forward with a trade.  Get started now, head over to

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Goettl’s Acquisition of a Socal-Based Company

Goettl is an air conditioning company located in the suburbs of southern California. Some information combined by BizJournals indicates that, recently, Goettl Company has been committed in the process of acquiring a company which is family-owned, SoCal. Although the financial details have not been officially released, many marketers believe it had been a real figure worth investing. This deal open doors for the Goettl company in Phoenix and Las Vegas a few to mention. It has in turn begun making a quite significant presence in California.

Todd Longbrake, the Chief Executive Officer of SoCal, says that he had done his best to make the company achieve international standards, but its stagnancy could no longer be tolerated. Although Longbrake was hesitant at first when Goettl showed an interest in acquiring his company, his fellow subordinates advised him on the issue.

The merging took place halfway the year of 2015. Since the two companies came together, Longrake says he has seen a very significant growth of the enterprise. He was retained in Goettl to serve as a sales manager. In addition to this role, he was also made the field supervisor at Goettl.

Even though the deal took place two years ago, Goodrich hesitated on giving information about it until this month. It was slowed by the fact that there were some operational issues in Walton’s and other marketing issues. He asserted that he wanted these problems to be settled before officially giving the company the Goettl badge.

Goodrich cruised through many complications when the acquisition of the company began since he knew the value Walton’s were offering his business. Walton’s was also a family based company that was important to Goodrich for it could have helped them make a platform to grow economically. Goettl boasts of at least 300 employees and an addition of 200 jobs after the merging of the two companies. The company’s largest markets include the Tucson and Phoenix.

The main aim of Goettl is to make a nationally accepted brand, and the company has plans of expanding to northern California then Texas in come next year.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl is a pioneer industry in air conditioning. It was established back in 1939 as a family business. This company brags of designing the Phoenix first evaporation cooler and a refrigerated Ac unit to counter the harsh conditions in the desert. Through embracing of technology, the company has stood out as one of the most trusted brands in the market.

One can get the best services and products with the best affordable prices in Goettl. The company has highly trained technicians who are certified to offer the Goettl company services everywhere. It has made them the best-renowned company in AC units.


Let NetPicks help you through the ups and downs

After the strong markets we have seen over the last few years are things changing? After the recent technology-sector selloff there is a feel of uneasiness amongst investors. Historically summer months can display some turbulence but this recent move may make it even more bumpy. By taking a proactive strategy you can actually profit during times like this.

One strategy called the “lock and walk” has realized profits during these types of market conditions. However past performance is no guarantee of future results. This strategy puts focus on the support and resistance levels of the Nasdaq 100. This frequently used strategy is based on Buying near the support, sell near resistance and if support breaks, stop out. In this type of strategy we are not looking to hold positions for very long.   Helpful tips on

Since 1996 NetPicks has provided trading education to those wanting to achieve success in the markets. Whatever your goal is, NetPicks can help you achieve it through education, training, trading systems, and experienced coaches. Check this recent interview of its founder.

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Have you thought about swing trading or becoming a day trader? Their Stock Market Trading system along with their training and support could be your road to success. They have products to educate you in Futures, Forex and Options trading. They don’t just give you information and cut you loose. They provide ongoing training and support to help you succeed in these market areas. NetPicks has a team of highly experienced active traders to help you each step of the way. With over 25 years of personal trading experience and 17 years of trading education experience they are the ones to help you reach your trading goals. NetPicks is there to support you and get you up and running as a successful trader. Learn more about their goal of empowering individuals like you, visit them here.

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