Need a house? Call Todd Lubar!

Todd Lubar is a real estate investor who looks forward to working with people who need help with buying a house.

Todd Lubar makes people who need help in real estate his lifetime career. His interview on talks about his daily life and how he starts his day in the morning. Todd was always working with other people in the real estate career on what he needed to do in order to be successful in this career field. He worked with these people because he needed people who could help him by being a source of help when help was needed. In the year 1999 he took another big step in his career by becoming equal with Legacy Finical Group. You can visit their website

By doing this it made it where Todd Lubar couldn’t expand his lending capabilities to people outside of the bank which really made him upset because that’s what he wanted to do when he go into that career. That’s when he decided he was going to open Legendary Properties, LLC. This then made it where he could do his own thing and help the people like he wanted to. This was when he started to develop relationships with people who were going to build quality products fast.

After this he then opened Charter Funding in 2003 which made it where he could expand his business because of the amount of money and wealth that he was creating when due to the programs and products. All of this was because he had been in the market for over 12 years because of this he saw people who were not deserving of the things they got when they got them. This pushed him into making Legendary Finical and his own money to help those who would have been overlooked otherwise. 7,000 transactions later he was able to make choices on who he would take a risk on and who he wouldn’t. This was all based on his own choice.

So if you are having trouble finding a house due to funding talk to Todd Lubar! You can follow their Instagram page.

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