Matthew Fleeger Has Been In The Oil Industry Practically Since He Was Born:

It has only been a little over a decade since the major talk in the American energy industry was the thought that native oil and gas resources would soon run out and the USA would become entirely dependent on the import of foreign oil. This all changed though as new technologies were developed throughout the decade of the 2000s. These new technologies made it possible for oil drilling firms to extract oil resources that would have previously been far too expensive to be economically feasible for extraction. Now, these firms find themselves poised to extract North America’s sandstone and shale oil resources. At the heart of this work is a company headed up by CEO Matthew Fleeger that is known as Gulf Coast Western.

Being a part of the oil industry is the only life that Matthew Fleeger has really ever know. From his youth, he has been around the oil fields that abound in the states of Louisiana and Texas. This is due to the fact that his father founded Gulf Coast Western in 1970. When he reached adulthood, Matthew Fleeger did branch out and start several businesses outside of the oil industry, but it was only a matter of time before the family business came calling for him to take up the mantle of leadership. Since taking over the CEO position at Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has been able to grow the firm substantially and it is now a leader in the brand new United States oil rush that is currently ongoing.

A major component of the success of many of today’s exploratory oil operations is the fact that they utilize the concept of joint ventures. Working in partnership with other exploratory drilling firms has helped each firm to gain a larger amount of success by pooling their resources together. This has been a major focus at Gulf Coast Western since Matthew Fleeger has been in charge of guiding the firm.