Lori Senecal as she views herself from her own perspective

Her work experience is unparalleled. Lori Senecal is what many would describe as a woman of steel. Her achievements are remarkable and speak for themselves. The present Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) manages the strategic visions that the company has put into place. Apart from this, Lori Senecal works with MDC partner agencies where she is the lead consultant in fueling growth.

It is during her interview with Laura Dunn of the Huffington Post that Lori revealed much about herself. Being the last child in a family of four, Lori Senecal believes that this is what shaped her leadership skills. She admits that she didn’t like being constantly referred to as the youngest ones by her siblings. It is for this reason that she had to work hard to find her own identity that distinguished her differently. This inculcated two values in her; the ability to take bold actions and her tendency to dream big.

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When asked about how previous employees affected her, Lori isn’t hesitant to admit that they helped build her experience. Before working for CP+B, the Global CEO worked in significant positions at KBS and McCann. As she built her portfolio, Lori developed the culture to help people. She likes to see people pioneer and drive things to greater heights. While at KBS, Lori Senecal acquired the desire to see people invent rather that innovate. This, she states, brings about healthy competition that results in constructive development. According to her, ideas that are true firsts bear more power than innovations. This led her to start competitions in which employees showcase their inventions for huge prices and support. Reference: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/author/2084/lori-senecal/list/

Lori, however, goes on to explain that the road has been full of challenges too. For instance, when she first joined KBS as CEO, the company’s founders were leaving the business. The agency and clients did not have a new vision that they could lay their head on. She was therefore faced with the challenge of convincing other founders to stay. Convincing the employees that everything was to turn out to be okay in the long run was also not a walk in the park. She then came up with the inventive policy, which everyone in the firm embraced fully. Since then, the business thrived with partners such as BMW and many more pumping funds and support to the firm . Currently, KBS is a global company that has received numerous recognitions.

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