Kyle Bass Has A Money Making Scheme That’s Causing Great Suffering

The financial crisis of 2008 suddenly hit the world with extremely little warning. Investors were unable to prepare themselves, because very few people saw it coming. The exceptionally few that did see it coming and attempted to warn the world have become extremely well known. These individuals became regarded as the most skilled economic experts around. Kyle Bass appeared to be capable of seeing it coming, and he did try to warn people. Surprisingly, Kyle Bass appears to be anything but a skilled expert. Instead, he is beginning to look more like one of the biggest dunces in the world of economists.

Kyle Bass still remains widely known for his ideas about the future of the economy. However, he’s no longer known for making the right calls. Instead, his fame is for making the wrong calls. He certainly does seem to have a lot of ideas about where the economy is headed, and he tells these ideas to the world. It’s just that they haven’t ever been accurate. He actually broadcasts them to all, over television networks. He’s been doing that frequently these days, but it’s only making him look worse and worse. The television networks don’t appear to be eager to shell out money for him to appear on their network. Television stations are giving him much smaller amounts than before.

While Kyle Bass hasn’t had as much of his previous income streams from television stations, he certainly is making lots of money. His big way of making money is by scamming America’s drug companies. He has an extremely elaborate scheme set up, and this scheme has cost innocent people their lives. He even set up an entire organization for this scheme. It has a name that would sound as though it helps to protect the public interest. This name is The Coalition For Affordable Drugs. What the Coalition For Affordable Drugs actually does is prevent drug makers from having their new medicines patented. The company’s stock will suffer, as a result of this. Kyle Bass then swoops in to make stock purchases. Later on, the companies will recover from this damage. Then, Kyle Bass will profit off of his new stocks. This scheme gives him prime opportunities to purchase stocks and profit off of them. While the companies don’t have patents, they are unable to distribute the medications. The patients being treated don’t have much needed medicines. Their health greatly suffers as a result of this, and this has even led to deaths! Kyle Bass continues with the scheme anyways, because it is making money for him.

His organization denies patents at an exceptionally high rate of nearly 60 percent.  More on Kyle Bass can be found by visiting this link:

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  1. His scheme is quite active too. In fact, they have acted to deny numerous different medicine patents. Recently, they prevented a company called Biogen from being able to patent a multiple sclerosis drug. It is simply a thing that could not figure from a distance but I think it works really great too.

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