Koch and Bloomberg Unite Against Intolerance for Free Thought

Two Republicans, Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg, penned a joint article in which they railed against individual expression and thought.

The article came out just as the start of commencement speeches are coming out during the current graduation season. The comments are directed at universities that try to stifle free thought and thinking differently.

Michael Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire and the former mayor of New York City. He made his fortune selling a Bloomberg terminal that was used to track stock and bond prices before branching off into other areas, including his own radio and television stations.

Charles Koch is well known for his political support of Republican candidates but is also a billionaire who made his fortune from Koch Industries, a diversified company that is the second largest in the US. The company was started by his father, Fred, but greatly expanded during the time when Charles ran it. Charles has supported many freedom related initiatives and is for individuals stepping up for themselves rather than government support and handouts for individuals.

The argument made by Koch and Bloomberg indicated that it is essential that schools step up for free thought and speech and to stop oppressing ideas that are seen as controversial, which are actually an important part of college and becoming educated. Colleges are currently discouraging free thought and intellectual curiosity and the impact of these steps are a real negative that hinders society. Both university professors and students are both limiting factors and can place a real burden on those who express their negative thoughts.

The article they penned indicated that being offended is part and parcel of free speech and simply cannot be avoided. In a way, it is also a good thing and a part of the necessary fabric of a free society. Some examples that they cited in the article are women’s equal rights, gay and lesbian marriages, and the removal of barriers to voting, all of which were initially fringe thoughts that grew in acceptance as time went on and are now an essential part of society. Free speech is an essential part of a democratic society.

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