Kim Dao Shares About Pokemon Makeup

Pokemon is something that is popular with many people, and there are all kinds of Pokemon products out there. This video shares Kim Dao’s thoughts on some of the Pokemon makeup that has been created. Kim Dao is someone who always has opinions to share on various beauty products, and this video shows her as she tries Pokemon makeup products. Those who are looking to hear what Kim Dao has to say about makeup that has a fun theme to it and that has been designed in a creative way will appreicate this video and all that she shares in it.


Kim Dao talks about the prices of the products that she is trying in this video, and then she shares how the products work for her. She uses the products to get a makeup look, and those who watch have the chance to see just how everything performs. Kim Dao has a fun personality, and this video is something that is enjoyable to watch. This video shares many products that all have a Pokemon theme, and it is something that is educational and informative. Those who watch this video will have the chance to learn through all that Kim Dao shares. Learn more: