Kevin Seawright: Creating Solid Job Opportunities For Newark Future Professionals

A year ago, Newark provided an estimated 3,000 jobs to students who held temporary positions across multiple sectors. Kevin Seawright, a serial executive brand particularly known for his exemplary leadership and community involvement, recently embarked on a project to prepare the city’s youths. With the entire Newark CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) team, Seawright who’s the group’s chief financial officer has dedicated a summer job fair for student residents. This newly organized program promises jobs for some 3,500 students.

Seawright has partnered with some of the city’s high-profile employers to guarantee placement for successful candidates. Last year, the application process was a bit demanding, but Seawright has migrated everything online. Largely, this update lessens the workload on staff, while quickening the process altogether according to Seawright. Students will earn disciplines such as college preparedness skills, OJT (on-the-job training), financial literacy and empowerment lectures. It promises a minimum salary for Newark students throughout the course of the 6-week summer employment initiative (July 5 – August 16, 2016).

With a focus on improving the city’s college student graduation rates; Newark CEDC and Seawright strongly believes such a project will greatly influence a positive outcome. With 350 applications in, Seawright said on Twitter he knows students are eager to take on this internship and gain industry experience. Additionally, he’s collaborated with two of city’s participating investment banking specialist, TD and Santander Bank which will spearhead the program’s financial literacy project. Financial management remains one of the greatest challenges mankind face today. With needed money management and financial planning lessons, Seawright believes such an initiative can positively change the cycle.

Newark CEDC caters to the city’s cultural, social and financial needs. An expanding resort city, Newark CEDC continues to strengthen the city’s core resources. The appointment of Kevin Seawright, a prolific leader, and financial management specialist as VP (Vice President)/CFO (Chief Financial/Facilities Officer) is a most advantageous intervention. Seawright expertise lies in construction management, operation funding, and negotiating contracts.

CrunchBase indicates that Kevin’s previous projects undertaken while working with Maryland’s regional DPR (Departments of Parks and Recreation) still earns him the highest respect as an industry leader. He managed over $50 million, which accounted for federal, state and city funding. Additionally, he’s administered the annual education budget estimated at about $200 million when he assumed the role of financial management leader.

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