Jeff Herman And Herman Law

Jeff Herman is the founder of the Herman Law Office that is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Herman and his firm specializes in helping people that are victims of sexual abuse, rape, and other forms of exploitation. He works with investigators to help those that were victims of this abuse and will help them get justice. He also works with law enforcement and a metal health team to help the victims get their life back.


Herman stated that he got the idea for his law firm specialization when he was working as a commercial litigator. He worked with a client that changed his life. A woman’s son was who was autistic was sexually abused at his preschool. Herman did some additional research and found the offender had committed crimes of a sexual nature before. He stated that if the school conducted a background check this person would have never been allowed around children. Herman wanted justice for the child and for all change. He stated that this is his calling in the legal field and wants to fight for the survivors.


Jeff Herman said his favorite thing about his job is changing the lives of people that have endured sexual abuse. He and his team work with the survivors and help them get their confidence back. He also likes that he gets to travel all around the country and provide education about the signs of sexual abuse and other aspects of sex crimes. He believes that knowledge is power, and he wants to share the information he discovered with other professional in order to help the victims. Jeff Herman enjoys gaining new knowledge as well.


Herman and his fellow team members give each case the attention that the victims need and deserve. Herman does not consider his case to be successful unless his victims feel empowered and take steps to recover from the trauma that they felt. Refer to This Article for more information.



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