Importance Online Reputation Management

Several years ago, H&M, one of the popular clothing companies learned its lesson about online reputation management. This happened when a large cache of slashed, torn and mutilated pieces of clothes found in a dump site outside the company stores made it news in a negative way. According to some sources, the company was promoting an incorrect practice of rendering returned clothes that were considered unwearable instead of giving them to charity. Many people in the world shared the story on social media platforms, and this ruined the reputation of the company. Since then, H&M has been receiving negative criticism from the world.

Just like H&M many businesses in the modern times are working hard to build their reputation. Here are some essential tips to think about when the reputation of your business in ruined:

What is driving the negative reports?

In the modern times, this is a huge problems. Social media platforms propagate content that can easily be shared, and this makes negative information spread easily. A study conducted recently found that a great number of people posting negative content are motivated by anxiety relief and vengeance.

Online reputation management

Business cannot afford to lose profits just because of their reputation. The problems affect small and big brands, and it should be taken with a lot of concern. Do not use the following strategies if your reputation is ruined.

Do not ignore the problem

One of the greatest problems a company can make in the modern times in ignoring negative criticism. Ignoring the negative reviews will never make them go away. Look for ways to address the problem, even if it might take some time.

Planting good reviews will not help

Some business might decide to plant positive reviews in an attempt to counter the harmful content. However, experts say that removing the negative feedback, bad reviews or comments that are less positive on the internet can bring a huge backlash. Instead, it is important for companies to embrace transparency in all its activities.

Never become defensive

It is human to get the defensive, but it is not advisable to react emotionally to the negative publicity about your brand. Find the source of the content then deal with the problem when you are calm.