How Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Changing Online Dating

Online dating has certainly changed over the years. It was once considered a niche, but it has slowly risen in popularity and now enjoys incredible support. We can already see this with the rise of Tinder and other dating apps focused on giving people a completely new way of meeting each other and hooking up. However, this has brought a number of issues to the forefront such as sexual harassment. Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe has experienced some of the issues of sexual harassment for herself. In fact, before she left Hatch Labes she settled a lawsuit against the company for just over $1 million.

How Bumble Approaches The Problem

Bumble changes everything by giving women the first move in dating. Women must initiate contact with the men they choose before the men can even respond. This creates a huge difference in how things are generally approached in dating. Many of the issues of sexual harassment simply aren’t happening on Bumble and many of the major issues are hardly seen. Less than 1% of all Bumble users complain about sexual harassment or any other related issues. This is a radical departure from the dating norm.

The Rise Of Bumble And Beyond

Bumble was launched in 2014 and it now has millions of users. The app isn’t exactly at the same place as Tinder, but it is approaching and gaining speed. The competition in online dating is fierce, but Bumble is in a unique position to offer something almost unseen in the problematic world of online dating.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur with a strong focus on mobile apps. She got her start working for Hatch Labs, but after a couple of years she decided to set out on her own. Her first project beyond Hatch Labs was the dating app Bumble. Bumble has some similarities to the dating app Tinder, but it focuses on giving women the first move in dating. Whitney Wolfe hopes to use Bumble to combat issues in online dating such as sexual harassment.

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