How Great Leadership Skills Have Transformed InnovaCare Health

The need to have better healthcare services has influenced the establishment of more healthcare firms today. These firms concentrate on putting affordable healthcare systems in place. There has been a notable change in America’s healthcare system. The firms offering better healthcare plans have infiltrated the health care system. The healthcare system offers medical care to all citizens irrespective of having health insurance or not. Penelope Kokkinides founded InnovaCare Health with the aim of offering clients with different healthcare plans based on their health needs. Doctor Rick Shinto heads the company’s leadership using his exceptional academic skills.



Rick Shinto got his degrees from different universities such as the California University, Redlands University, and State University. Rick has been a manager in certain healthcare organizations such as MMM Healthcare. The transformed healthcare payment methods have changed the way organizations conduct their businesses. Organizations that deal with complex health issues have felt the usefulness of having a new payment method. InnovaCare Health’s payment method has attracted and influenced numerous clients to take up their healthcare plans. The organization offers inexpensive health care plans to all their clients. Also, it partners with the individuals who provide similar healthcare plans to their customers. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Penelope Kokkinides has vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. Her career in healthcare, which has spanned for more than 20 years, necessitated her to start InnovaCare Health. The role she plays in this great company includes ensuring the company’s policies are properly implemented to meet the needs of the patients. The passion for helping people saw Penelope build InnovaCare Health to provide world-class care to the community. Her contribution can be felt beyond InnovaCare Health. She has instilled systematic and outstanding infrastructure to change the healthcare system. The skills that Rick and Penelope possess have made this company a global entity. Although the two leaders have served in different positions in this company, their main objective is seeing it grow and expand. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Her efforts to have a better healthcare system have seen her attend healthcare workshops to discuss various health challenges. She has attended various seminars and workshops to discuss the problems that InnovaCare Health is experiencing when it comes to providing affordable and accessible healthcare. She attended one workshop where Donald Trump was also present. Penelope Kokkinides intended to listen to the complaints the healthcare practitioners aired and provide feasible solutions. Her passion for healthcare took her to Centerlight Care, where she was in charge of the strategic infrastructure and overall management. Moreover, she was the Vice President at Touchstone Healthcare.



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