How Alexei Beltyukov Participates in the Development of Russia wrote that Alexei Beltyukov is a prominent business person from Russia and philanthropist. He attended the INSTEAD University, and in 1997, he was awarded a Masters of Business Administration. Being Russian, Alexei had to learn French for him to join the University. He facilitated the formation of the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, which helps Russian citizens joining the University, as a way of giving back to the community.

Beltyukov’s career began in medicine, but he later changed to venture into business. He has managed to establish many prosperous organizations including the Endemic Capital, which he founded in 2013 and served as its Managing Partner. The company severed as a source of angel funding for Russian start-up firms. Alexei also started several philanthropic organizations that helped Russian citizens who needed to endeavor in business or join business schools.

In 2006, Alexei founded the New Gas Technologies, a company which deals with the production of natural gas and its application in various industries. The company also helps in cutting the cost of refining oil through the new technologies that it develops. Mr. Beltyukov serves as the chairperson of the New Gas Technologies’ board. He is the founder of the A-Ventures Limited, which began in 2007 as a firm that helped financially unstable companies within Russian. The company was successful, and its clients received high returns that were more than 40 percent. He was a Managing Partner of the firm before it was sold in 2014. Alexei is also an observer on the Board of Directors of FORO Energy, which focuses on the commercialization of high power lasers for mining, geothermal, natural gas and oil industries.

Mr. Beltyukov also established SOLVY and later became its Chief Operating Officer in February 2005. Through SOLVY, Alexei plays a remarkable role in helping Russian children to acquire a proper education. SOLVY is an online education program, which helps in solving mathematical problems by providing a personalized approach that makes students enjoy the subject. The software tracks the learners’ progress as they study and provides them with tips on the areas that they are wrong.

Alexei Beltyukov was appointed by the Russian Government to serve as the vice president of Skolkovo Foundation in January 2011. He is recognized for his outstanding work at the organization, where he gives advice on economic-related issues to the government. The Skolkovo Foundation has generated more than 12,700 jobs for the Russian people under his leadership.

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  1. Teachers are also able to know the weak points of their students through the feedback that the program provides. Alexei even posts educational videos to Vimeo about what the foundation continues to do, and has done in the past. It is only natural that the best essays can occupy a lot of this videos in no time which is the real deal also.

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