Gaining Clarity With The Help Of VTA Publications

There is a difference between self-help and self-actualization. Self-help tends to guide you along a path, in a certain way, but self-actualization gives you the opportunity to choose your own path, using your own mind to get there. VTA Publications is in the business of self-actualization.

VTA Publications is a mail order company that specializes in mail order courses, in both book and DVD form. They also put together seminars on the subjects their products are based on. The company website also offers free articles to read. These articles are meant to be inspirational, and they can be. One article is titled “Are You On ‘The Zombie Train’?”.

This article touches on a couple of points. It starts off with the writer detailing what they saw on a train ride, every day. What they saw was perpetual sadness. What they saw were people wasting their time and energy on this train ride when they could have used that time more wisely. What’s worse is that the writer believes these same, sad people would go on to complain about their lot in life instead of putting a plan in action for some forward momentum.

Another point they touch on is not casting pearls before swine. They write that saying out loud, on the train, “People put away your distractions and use your time more productively!”, would be met poorly. They are not wrong about that. But according to them, it goes a little deeper than that. While a little bracing, this article does give one something to think about. If this is what they are offering for free then their products must so much better.  Check out the reviews from StreetWiseNews.