Fabletics Opens Up Stores

Athleisure is a relatively new style of clothing. However, it is rarely sold. There are relatively few retailers that sell athleisure clothing. Among the companies that sell athleisure is Fabletics. Fabletics is one of the branches of JustFab. The company has taken off and become very successful to the point that it was able to expand in more ways. Among the ways that it has expanded was opening up physical stores. This is a very crucial step because that is a way to reach plenty of people. While a large amount of people shop online on popsugar.com, there are plenty of people that also go to malls and shop in the stores. There are people that also prefer the physical store to the online store.

People love the physical locations because of the advantages that they have with the stores as opposed to shopping online. While the online website does show the items that are available, the physical locations on Instagram allow customers to try on the clothes they are interested in so that they can find the size that works best for them. Once they get the size, then they can buy it if they are interested in it.

Even though they believe in presenting good products,a large part of the success of Fabletics is owed to the marketing. When people spread the word about a company, then they are more likely to shop there. One thing that could be said about Fabletics is that it is a fashion retailer for people who are serious about finding their own style. People who are not so worried about fitting in will do definitely well with Fabletics. The retailer offers plenty of new pieces that people who want to stand out will enjoy. When people buy their clothes, they will feel really good about their purchases.

As of right now, Fabletics is planning on opening 100 new stores according to an article posted on Racked. They have also shown that they have a high rate of satisfaction with very few complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. With celebrities like Kate Hudson showing their approval of the program, Fabletics has become a really popular company.