Eric Dye Sits Down With Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He had intentions of becoming a doctor. However, after a short time studying medicine, Shah quickly realized that it was not a field that he wanted to pursue. He switched over to accounting and find success in school and after graduation. Shah went on to work for everybody from Rabobank and Credit Suisse to Morgan Stanly and Merrill Lynch. Shah was seen as a success at every firm he worked at. But Shah became tired of the long hours that he did not have a say in and he also grew tired of the long drive to and from work everyday. Due to the timing of the recession, 2009 because the year that Shah left the idea of working for others and started to pursue his own dreams. Because of his pursuit and success with Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah now owns more than 30 companies all around the world. He has companied in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates but also in Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands.

Shah was interviewed several days ago by Eric Dye for his entrepreneurial podcast. In the interview Dye asked Shah all about his personal and professional life. He asked him about his career and about his hobbies. Dye also dug down deep for information of the essentials when starting your own business. The entire podcast is about connecting entrepreneurs with the news and information that will help them succeed.

Shah talked about how when his son was diagnosed, he was desperate to find any way he could help. Shah figured that if there were more findings about autism, specialists would be able to better serve his son and all of the other children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism. Shah also discussed the charity’s 2016 plans.

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