Desiree Perez Silently Makes Mark On Music Industry

Too often people in the music and entertainment businesses always seem to be yearning for the spotlight. Some people must need that attention and recognition but one of the music industry’s biggest players shuns the spotlight. Desiree “Des” Perez would prefer to go under the radar as she runs one of the world’s biggest entertainment conglomerates, as the Chief Operating Office of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Recently she was named as one of the most influential women in music by Billboard Magazine, a recognition long overdue.

Perez is a native of New York City and knows the entertainment industry more than nearly anyone else. She has extensive experience, having managed some of the city’s most exclusive night clubs and entertainment venues for nearly 20 years. This is how she cam to be a very close friend to many industry elite, including rap icon Jay-Z. He was so impressed with Des, that he chose here to run his first entertainment company, SC Enterprises.

When Jay-Z launched his new conglomerate Roc Nation in 2009, he chose Perez as his COO. This may have surprised some from afar but to those that knew her it was a great choice. Des is perhaps one of the music industry’s fiercest negotiators who always seems to get the best end of the deal. She was named as CEO of Jay-Z’s new music streaming service, TIDAL, in 2016. She quickly made waves by selling one-third of the company to Sprint for $200 million. The deal will undoubtedly pay huge dividends for TIDAL as the company attempts to compete with Pandora and Spotify.

An intense business woman with years of experience there is little doubt that Desiree Perez is one of the most powerful women in the music industry. She is married to Juan, who works as the President of Roc Nation Sports.

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