ClassDojo App Makes Solid Connection Between Teachers and Parents


ClassDojo has managed to become one of the most creative apps of this century, and educators around the world are rejoicing. This is the app that is changing lives and totally transforming the way that parents are staying in touch with teachers.

There are so many different lines of communication that are open when people download and start using the ClassDojo app. For a long time many working class parents have been looking for a way to connect with teachers and see what is happening in the classroom. Today this is no longer a problem for people that want to interact with teachers. The ClassDojo app brings teachers and parents together. It also brings teachers and students together. This app even brings teachers together with other teachers.

This is very helpful for the new teacher that still may be trying to figure everything out. When a new teacher uses the ClassDojo app she gets the chance to connect with other teachers and build a relationship with the parents. This can be extremely helpful because many parents may never have the time to show up in the physical form at the school. Teachers have to keep the lines of communication open, and this app is a free resource that allows this to happen.

The great thing about this app is that it gives teachers the chance to start the year off with introductions and a back to school presentation through video. The app is available for both Apple and Android users. It is even available for Kindle Fire Tablets. There are a lot of people that will download this ClassDojo app on multiple devices so that they can stay updated at all times. People that go to the ClassDojo website will have the ability to check out the tips to getting started with the app. It is easy to use so many people do not hesitate to download this app. It makes their life better because it saves them a lot of time.

The technology that is presented in schools today is changing the way that people interact with one another. Virtual field trips have made it possible to explore other countries without physically leaving the classroom. By the same token, ClassDojo has made it possible to enter the classroom without physically traveling to the school. This is impressive because it gives parents access to the class without disrupting classroom instruction.