Chris Burch’s five-star resort and his first business

Entrepreneur and Businessman Christopher Burch, along with his good friend James McBride (renowned hotelier) have teamed up to create the world’s best hotel according to Travel + Leisure Magazine. With lush scenery and luxury accommodations that would have celebrities going crazy, it is no wonder it’s an award-winning resort. There are 27 villas on the resort plus Chris Burch’s private home Raja Mendaka the main house and four additional villas. Nicknamed “The Edge of Wilderness” is very fitting being that it is located on the coast of a remote Indonesian island of Sumba. Each villa has a plunge pool and Nihi Beach and Indian Ocean can be seen from them. Chris Burch wanted to incorporate aspects of the local culture throughout the resort so Ikat prints, antiques, and local wood that’s traditional Sumbanese are displayed everywhere.

This beautiful resort is also known as a surfer’s paradise in which people come from all over the world to experience these pristine waves. Nihiwatu’s rule is that no more than 10 surfers are allowed in the water at a time and slots cost $125 a person. You can also take private lessons and they cost $250 per person. Other activities include sunset horseback riding or going to a blue lagoon with a waterfall. It is an hour and a half hike and costs $175 per person.

Chris Burch has a lot of experience as a entrepreneur over multiple industries. This includes fashion, hospitality, consumer products, organic foods, real estate, and so much more. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital which is located in New York City. Some of his clients include Ellen DeGeneres with her lifestyle brand ED, Poppin and TRADEMARK, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and many others. He helped build these brands to unbelievable heights.

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Mr. Burch is not only a businessman and entrepreneur, but a philanthropist and angel investor. He sits on a number of boards for organizations such as See The SEEN, Chubbies Shorts, Grability, Poppin, and Nihi Sumba Island. His first company was founded by him and his brother Bob when they were attending Ithaca College. They created fashion brand Eagle’s Eye Apparel which turned from a $2,000 dollar investment into a booming estimated worth of $165 million dollars which they sold. More on ¬†At Ithaca college Chris Burch studied business but stopped his studies due to the success of his fashion business.

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