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Christopher Burch, an American brand-building entrepreneur together with South Africa’s prolific hospitality mogul John McBride, have partnered and come up with the fantastic Nihi Watu Resort. Nihi Watu gives you an experience like no other. The distinctive leisure activities include surfing, swimming, sports fishing, butterfly trails and hiking through breath-taking waterfalls. The services are affordable and custom made to satisfy every customer’s needs. Therefore there is no need to worry about overspending. They have amazing treehouses which give you the most amazing experiences ever. You can also enjoy yoga and spa services in the resort. The resort gives you a perfect experience of unlimited freedom and understated fun activities. At the resort, you get the best view of the beautiful Indian Ocean. The services in Nihi Watu are tailored to ensure that guests enjoy the fantastic magic which is found in the Sumba island. Nihi Sumba has the best natural scenery. The accommodation facilities have made Nihi Watu gain a rapid cycle of growth. It is the travel destination for elite visitors globally. The Nihi Sumba community is a creative society which has many art galleries and records of their rich heritage. Nihi Sumba is a haven for the wanderer, adventure, the passionate and curious ones. It helps you connect with yourself as well as nature. It has the best accommodation facilities and body and health fitness services. They help you design your adventure. They give you an unforgettable experience and help you create lifetime memories. Nihi Sumba is the home of your heart. The absolute vacation destination for you!

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