Formation of Chainsmokers

Chainsmokers is a group of two American DJ, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two are not only DJ’S, but they are also production duo in the same nation. The Chainsmokers had a breakthrough with their song, Selfie; in 2014. The song was ranked among top twenty songs in many countries.

The year that followed, they released their debut EP and featured the song, Roses. This single was ranked in top ten in the United States Billboard Hot 100. Do not Let Me Down is also another song that did well, it won the Grammy Award as the Best Dance Recording At the ceremony of 59th awards.

Their song, Closer, was the first single to take position one among other singles on the chart. Chainsmokers were also ranked as the best DJ in two music awards in America, and took position five in the iHeartRadio Music Awards.


The History of Chainsmokers

The group was initially was made up of DJ Rhett Bixler who was a DJ together with Pall. At 2012, Chainsmokers group was re-formed as EDM DJ duo. They did the reorganization under the administration of Adam Alpert in the city of New York. Alpert made pall, who was a DJ for an extended period, known to Taggart. At that time, Pall was working at Chelsea, at the art gallery.

Pall did a course in the music business and art history at the New York University. Taggart was schooling at Syracuse University and detaining at Interscope Records before meeting Pall. He had an interest in becoming a DJ and later released some of his songs on the site SoundCloud.

Later Taggart left Mine and went to New York City. It is after someone informed him that there was some vacancy in his duo after Bixler vacated. In New York, Taggart and his workmate began by making some remixes of the Indian bands. They collaborated in creating the single, Erase, together with some Indian actress and Priyanka Chopra who majors in recording songs.

During a television interview, in October 2016, Nick Watt who is a reporter at ABC News asked Taggart and Pall the meaning of duo’s name. Alex replied to Nick by explaining to him by narrating a college story where he enjoyed smoking marijuana. Taggart said that it was just a name.

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