Better Business Bureau Provides Recognition To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has received A+ Rating as well as accreditation. This reflects how efficiently they are serving their customers.


Securus Technologies is known for providing civil as well as criminal justice technological solutions that can be used for public safety, besides investigation, as well as corrections and monitoring. It has recently received accreditation that has come from the Better Business Bureau and received the rating of A+.


This now justifies everything that has been said about Securus Technologies in the print media. They have received this honor as they met all the required standards. The company has been able to build trust in the marketplace. This was managed by establishing and maintaining a positive track record. The company believes in advertising honestly. This has been managed by adhering to all the standards of advertising and selling that have been established.


Securus Technologies believes in honesty. This is evident in all their products and services. All these indicate a clear disclosure of all the material items. There is complete transparency here. Securus Technologies has openly identified the nature, as well as location, besides the ownership of the business. Also, it has clearly disclosed all its policies, guarantees as well as procedures which can impact upon the customer’s buying decision.


Also, Securus Technologies always abides by all its written agreements as well as verbal representations. It is a responsive company. It addresses all its disputes quickly, and in a professional manner. All the data which is collected is well-protected against any kind of mishandling or fraud. The company collects only that personal information which is needed. It respects the preferences of its customers with regard to using their information.


In this way, Securus Technologies has managed to come out on top of all the guidelines laid down by BBB and hence received the highest rating.



Securus Technologies Keeping Heat on Fugitives

When there is a fugitive on the loose in our town, my team has to mobilize quickly in order to try and get them off the street so the residents are not in any danger. This case was very troubling because our suspect was robbing houses, stealing cars, holding up convenience stores, and even shooting at people in nightclubs. His reputation was one of a person you should avoid because he could snap in an instant.


The trouble we had in front of us was that this fugitive had a huge network of safe houses he was bouncing back and forth from. Even when we thought we had them all under surveillance, he simply would move to another and keep up his crime spree. My superiors wanted this case ended today, so we really had to step up our efforts because he was making the entire police force look silly.


Securus Technologies installed the telephone call monitoring system that the corrections officers use at the local prison to hear what inmates are saying when they use the jail phones. The company is based out of Dallas, and all thousand employees and the CEO Richard Smith, all are working towards the goal of making the world safer for us all. This resource was going to help us to get information from the inmates without them even realizing they were helping us.


The officers plugged the information into the LBS software and within hours we got an alert they picked up a conversation pertaining to our fugitive. Seems he was dealing with an inmate’s cousin, and they were buying the stolen goods from our suspect and were told to lay low. This was a connection we did not already have on our radar, so our team monitoring that activity and we made an arrest the following day thanks to the Securus Technologies system.


Securus Technologies Inspiring Solutions

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies based in Dallas, Texas provide communications, parolee tracking, and government information management for detainees. It serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States. And has received approval in more than five Department of Corrections facilities


Apart from its system in controlling contrabands cellphones, secures partnered with Harris Corporation, to develop a technology to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to a mobile network which they called “Cell Defender” technology in 2016, this has ensured public safety by targeting data breach.


Securus Technologies has not only provided public safety by providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, but it has also helped in preventing crimes including inmate-on-inmate crimes. It has always been on the front line of introducing new software that enables new solutions.


Securus has transformed its businesses by diversifying services for the government by providing high-technology and software products to ensure proper monitoring and jail management. They do not purchase a technology or develop a product with their software without input from their jail or prison customers, inmates as well as their friends and family members.


Volunteering is also part of the Securus Technologies. They consider helping the society more powerful as they get to build each other as individuals, build teamwork as well as have fun. In August 2016 some of the Company associates partnered with Dallas Packs Hope Mobile Pack Event where they prepared meals at the “The Feed My Starving Children organization.” They with other volunteers from Dallas packed more than one million meals to feed the hungry during that three-day event.


The company has provided employment to the general public. This has helped them in committing to serve and connect by providing emergency response to the enterprise as well. Securus has managed to help the United States Correctional Facilities by building a good rapport amongst its employees.


Securus Technologies Gets its Fair Share of Praise for its Contribution in Securing Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is undoubtedly the largest technology provider in correctional facilities in North America. The company has helped more than a million inmates held in over 3,000 law enforcement and corrections agencies in the USA to connect with friends and family members. On the other hand, the firm designs technological equipment that helps officers in these facilities in conducting surveillance operations. This has gone a long way in reducing crime among inmates


As expected, achievements to this level can never go unnoticed. Securus Technologies often get congratulatory messages from jail officials as well from prisoners’ family members. These messages come in the form of direct emails and letters. In October last year, the firm’s CEO, Mr. Richard Smith, authorized the publishing of some of the messages they have received in the recent past.


Congratulatory Messages


In one of the messages, a client who appeared to be an officer had written to narrate of how his job had been made easy thanks to Securus’ LBS software. The officer pointed out that the software, together with other law enforcement resources, had helped the sheriff’s department in the facility to confiscate drugs and other illegal possessions from inmates. He acknowledged that were it not for the software; this would have been next to impossible.


Another officer wrote of how he had utilized the technology provided by Securus to monitor phone conversations between inmates. In one conversation, he managed to gather valuable information regarding a previous shooting in the facility. In another case, he overheard a conversation between an inmate and a civilian in which they were discussing a possible drug peddling circus in the facility. Other conversations were about threats and illegal money transfers, among many other illegal operations within the facility. With this information, officials were able to move with speed to thwart many potential crimes. This would not have been possible without Securus’ innovations.




Securus Technologies and Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a for profit phone and communications service that connect over 3,400 correctional institutions, law enforcement organizations, and safety groups. Well over 1.2 million inmates are connected to their families and loved ones through the system in a variety of ways including phone, email, text and video.


This program is an up-front, easy to use, convenient method of tying together families and inmates so that they can feel free to communicate with one another freely at times chosen by either party. Easy methods of payment are available in the form of a debit system where the inmate pays for the service, collect calls where the bill is paid by the recipient of the call, direct bill, where the family pays for the call and a prepaid billing system.


Recently, Securus was approved by the Better Business Bureau Accreditation which is designed to give a higher level of legitimacy to the process if inmates or family have any difficulty in working the Securus system.


Not all businesses are eligible for BBB Accreditation as a business has to meet the accreditation standards to even be considered. Once a business meets the standards, an application is submitted to the BBB and the application is either approved or denied. Once approved, consumers may contact the BBB if there are any complaints or remedies needed due to service complaints and similar issues.


It is then up to the BBB member to make any situations that have been causing an issue or problem be rectified to the satisfaction of the consumer. If appropriate action is not taken, then the business may lose its standing and membership in the BBB.


Securus is mindful of the great responsibility that it has in keeping the lines of communication open between inmates and families during a very difficult time in the lives of both parties.


Securus Technologies has inmates and their families at heart

If you are tired of traveling to jail and wait for long during prison visitation, then you need to find another solution. The chances are that you will find every possible way to make your visit at an appropriate time. Instead, what you will find is that there are several time limits to video visitation. If you would like to have a visitation with great ease and convenience, then you should use Securus Video Visitation program. I have used the visitation program to talk to a relative in prison and found it extremely beneficial. The program helps people connect with their loved ones through a video call made by a computer with a camera and an internet connection. The video connection can be scheduled to occur at any place but at a scheduled time.


Many people have heard several concerns with the program since it was launched. Users of the application assumed that the visitation would see an end to visits. However, Securus video visitation program doesn’t interfere with normal prison visits. Instead, it is an additional form off visitation made accessible through the latest technology. The video visitation program has become a very viable option for people that use the program.


One of the main advantages of the visitation program is that people can communicate with inmates at great convenience. One can communicate with the loved on in correction facility right from their home. The inmate can view everything taking place in the house. It creates a feeling that the inmate is actually within the home. The visitation program has therefore become known as a means for inmates to visit their families. The availability of personal visits is something every family is going to appreciate.


You may want to make use of the visitation program instead of going through long queues. Securus can be viewed as a program that transforms the daily life of inmates and their loved ones. The Holiday season is not another boring season for prisoners. It is time they can reconnect with their friends and family.


Anyone that knows Securus Technologies understands its diligence in providing advanced technology services. The company is located in Dallas, Texas. It has a full team of technology experts coming up with suitable solutions for use in correction facilities. The video visitation program is just one of the company’s highly successful ventures. Securus Technologies has dedicated itself to availing its services to thousands of correction facilities within the United States.

The Trouble with Business

The world of business is shady and often times dark. Individuals who are not accustomed to their workings can sometimes be swept away just as quickly as they appear. This is transferable to companies who are not careful with every aspect of their business model, and this includes patents on researched products. Securus Technologies is an information technology corporation that has recently been under fire for this exact issue; being accused of running on expired patents from one of its competitors, GTL. These accusations claim that Securus has been operating under a large amount of expired patent codes, meaning that in order to correctly follow procedure they would need to release their products to the outside marketplace for free and ready distribution through other companies. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Not willing to accept these claims Securus requested the aid of outside third party experts who performed valuable research into the accusations and concluded that not only does Securus Technologies still maintain valid patent codes but that they will continue to for an extended period of time. This is great news for Securus Technologies who will still be able to maintain control of their high quality products, being able to continue to provide incredible service and technology solutions to their clientele.


The reason that this revelation is important is that Securus is a mainstay for inmates residing in the United States prison system. These individuals are normally considered undesirable from other companies and rarely receive much support, is any. The ability to maintain control of their unique products means that Securus can continue to do business as normal and progressively move forward with their customer service, which is exemplary and unheard of within the current system. Securus is a humanitarian firm as well as a technology business, and this is a powerful fact to note.


How Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Applications are Changing the Game for Securus Technologies

Inmates need a way to communicate, but they also need a way to access forms for medical needs and make other requests. This is where Securus Technologies has changed the game for inmate communications. This year, the major player in inmate communications rolled out a new application with an automated submission form that would enable inmates to make requests electronically.


This application comes on the heels of more great technological advancement in 2016,but it’s also a great development as we continue to see the integration of more technology in an attempt to reduce the paper trail that has impacted so many markets in dramatic ways. While the medical field still seeks ways to reduce paper trails, corrections officers are still seeking ways to reduce their time away from doing the job they were meant to do. These officers have spent valuable time logging events and making requests for inmates, but their job is to maintain safety and protection within the prison in order to keep the peace among the inmates and fellow officers.


With this application, Securus Technologies will be able to help those with inmates bring the peace and order back into their cells and reduce the paper trail for their administrative staff. If I had a family member or friend that was in prison, I would be thrilled to know that they could easily request help with medical needs.