Work from Home with Travelling Vineyard

It feels good to work from home and generate income without stress. This is an opportunity provided by Traveling Vineyard to enable women to generate revenue at the comfort of their homes. Traveling Vineyard is a wine selling company that has specialized in direct selling to consumers. These wines are of high quality and are availed by wine guides who receive them from Traveling Vineyard. The wine guides prepare for wine tastings at their homes or organize events where wine tasting and selling is done.

In these events, the wine guide can sell wines to friends. Friends can make more orders, and the wine guide will make it possible within a short period Traveling Vineyard has come with a solution to women who are tired to work in offices and want to relax at home. With Traveling Vineyard, women have a chance to make significant cash from wine selling. It doesn’t need one to be an expert in wine selling, as Traveling Vineyard trains its wine Guides to efficiently sell these wines.

Traveling Vineyard business model is unique. Wine guides just need to have $189 to start up. With this investment, interested members get a complete Success Kit. This kit has several tasting sets with each having five bottle of high-quality wines which is enough for two events. Also, the kits have a wine carrier, tasting glasses, order forms and all necessary material that will make a wine guide successful. After everything is set, members receive a website which they use to accept online orders as well as marketing the wines.

Traveling Vineyard has come with many benefits. One of the benefits is jobless women at home can get something every end month. A commission of 20% on every bottle of wine sold is paid to the wine guide. The fees are accumulated and paid every end month. At Traveling Vineyard, there is no pressure on the targets, so wine guides work at peace provided they make sales to make income. On top of commission, wine guide can earn cash from their recruits when they make sales. Many wine lovers are also grateful to the company by availing excellent wines at their doorsteps at affordable prices.

Traveling Vineyard supports wine guides until they are successful. With educational articles and tutors online, Wine guides get essential knowledge of wine like brands, flavors as well as prices of Traveling Vineyard wines. Traveling Vineyard is very active in social media in marketing and promoting their wine business.

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