Slyce and Shoe Carnival News

In the old days, finding the perfect pair of shoes could feel like a nearly insurmountable challenge. With the announcement of visual search pioneer Slyce Inc. now teaming with Shoe Carnival, however, it appears that the search for the perfect shoe has just gotten easier.

Slyce uses a fully automated, state of the art 3D search technology to match scanned images of products (from the actual real world or from photos in magazines or online images) to real world resources for those products. With the announcement that Slyce is now teaming with Shoe Carnival, the capability for customers to find matching (or a very close proximity to a match) shoes from the Shoe Carnival product line is now a reality.

How does it work? Now customers can simply take one snap of a product they wish to find online, and the Slyce image recognition technology will find it for them. Using Slyce is a snap.

Kent Zimmerman, the Vice President of Ecommerce at Shoe Carnival expressed excitement over the possibilities to be gained from this new partnership. Slice will gain revenue from this arrangement through software licensing and service fees. The arrangement is obviously a win-win for both partners.

Slyce is one of the world’s leading visual recognition companies. The innovative Slyce technology allows users to snap photos of products and come up with a flawless match for that product online.

It’s a brave new world of technology out there today, and the best way to deal with it is to Slyce it.