Managing Your Social Media Reputation

Note: We used this website as a source for online reputation company reviews.

If you are a website owner, you should already have a plan to handle almost any crisis that your brand runs into. You may not be able to plan for every eventuality, but you can prepare for the common problems that website and blog owners run into, especially when it comes to online reputation management. After all, when your entire business is online, your reputation matters.

Why Your Reputation is So Important

An overall study of websites, both popular and failing, successfully determined that reputation management is one of the most important aspects of being a website owner, blog owner, or online business owner.

The truth is, everything you do regarding your business factors into your online reputation. Every voice mail you leave, it is more difficult to avoid bad news, simple web searches can make friends or foes, and bad news and mistakes travel faster when you are based online.

Keep these potential situations in mind as you continue on.

Tips for Responding to a Crisis

  • If it affects your customers, notify them of the problem immediately and explain your plan to take action immediately.
  • When crises happen, customers lose faith in the security of a website. By responding to online crises quickly, explaining a solution and providing that solution, your customers and followers will feel more secure working with you. This is because you took the time to show that you cared immediately after the problem arose.
  • Use social media to spread positive messages, as well as problems that you are currently facing. By openly sharing the good and the bad news attributed with your website, your customers will find you more trustworthy.


Melissa Click Admits Her Comments Were Embarrassing But Wants People To View Her Career

Melissa Click made headlines during November of last year when she was caught on video asking for some muscle to come get rid of a journalist that was covering the student protests taking place at the University of Missouri. She was a professor of communications, but since then was suspended pending investigation.


In addition, she faces criminal charges as a result of her statements. Her charge includes third degree assault although she could get out of prosecution if she takes a plea and accepts community service.


Not only has she been suspended, but she has become the poster face for people who hate the First Amendment. Over 100 lawmakers in Missouri are asking that she be fired and in addition she has received a high number insults and threats from people she has never meant.


For three months she kept quiet, but then with the aid of Status Labs, the public relations firm, she has launched an offensive to rehabilitate herself. Click stated that she is not denying that she was out of line, but she explained that she just spoke spontaneously without thinking and did not mean to incite violence in any way.


She wants people to look at what she has done in the past 12 years a professor and has a letter signed by over a hundred faculty members that support the good she has done. She explains that she knows that was an embarrassing encounter, but it was one second out of a long career and she urges people to look at what she good has done during that time.


Click has made a good choice in getting the team at Status Labs to work with her. The Texas based public reputation firm creates unique solutions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client.
Co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has been named a member of PR Week’s Innovation 50 and his company is quickly becoming known globally as a leading PR firm. The company currently offers their crisis management services to over 1,500 clients spread out across 35 different countries.