Charlamagne Tha God Discusses The Title Of His First Book


People magazine conducted an interview with the popular radio shock jock Charlamagne Tha God in which he discusses his rise to fame and his first book, Black Privilege: Opportunity comes to Those Who Create It. In this book, he writes about his path from a newbie in the radio industry to becoming a seasoned veteran.

His book became a New York Times bestseller. Charlamagne Tha God says that he put a lot of thought into what he would name his book. He wanted to make sure the title conveyed what the book is about. He thought about his identity and, for him, that means he’s from South Carolina and he’s black.

He said that it’s a privilege to be black and so he settled on that as the main part of the book’s title. In this book, Charlamagne Tha God stays true to the mantra he has lived by which is, “Bite my tongue for no one”. He says that everybody wants an opportunity to succeed in life and so that was the second part of the book’s title. He wants people to know that they have the ability to create this success within them.

He’s a co-host on The Breakfast Club and also hosts a few MTV2 programs. He said that most people look at the word ‘privilege’ as connoting a set of advantages for people in a community. However, Charlamagne Tha God points out that it also means ‘an honor to be’. Rather than being burdened by being a black person he feels it is one of his greatest strengths and something that he is honored to be. Go Here for more information.