Rodrigo Terpins a true rally legend.

Brazil is a country that adores sports and appreciates its sportsmen. This is one of the reasons why they are able to promote themselves and impact a whole industry. These men and women have managed to catch the imagination of their fans and in the process brought about a legion of adoring fans who are willing to follow them anywhere to watch them compete. In rallying, it is no different, and one of the reasons they have been able to grow this sport in Brazil is the reason that drivers have been able to cultivate their own fan base that keeps tabs on them and in the process promoting the sport. Rodrigo Terpins is one of these individuals and coming from a family that is well known within the sports fraternity a lot was expected from him. His father, Jack Terpins or simply Jacko was a great basketball player in the 70’s who would later get appointed to lead the country’s sports committee by the then president. For more details visit


His brother Michel Terpins was the Brazilian cross-country champion before he joined rallying where he has also done quite well. His career began as a rider and was able to rise from a junior rider to champion in a relatively short time. He would then get elected to head the country’s cross-country championship after he moved to rallying. Rodrigo was joined by his brother in 2002 and it is at this time they created the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which would become their race team for the rest of their careers. The team would in the beginning only feature the two of them, but after posting some impressive results they were able to attract sponsors who helped them grow into a fully fledged rally team. The team has partnered with MEM Motorsport who develop the T-Rex their official racing car.

This relationship has been ongoing for years and has resulted in a relatively solid car after numerous tests and competitions. Rodrigo Terpins has been competing in the T1 prototype category together with his brother before they split up to each get a new partner even as they remain in the same team.



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