Kimberly Bakker’s Tips To Reduce Your Party Stress This Holiday Season


Studies after studies have told us that the holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the years, and understandably so, however, what if we told you that this year can be different?

With the help of Kimberly Bakker which is one of the most sought-after event planners in the country and runs the renowned Kimberly Bakker Events, we were able to create a list of some of the best tips from Kimberly Bakker herself to reduce stress while still delivering the best possible parties for your family.

Firstly, Kimberly Bakker introduces us to the suggestion of delegating the events tasks. Even she has a team of assistance that handles some of the smaller stuff so she can concentrate on the big picture.

Therefore Kimberly Bakker suggests that we delegate the smaller tasks with our family, this can include setting up the snack table or simply going out to the local market and picking up a few ingredients for the party, by doing this Bakker says that your stress levels will dramatically lower. Read This Article for more information.

Next, we move on to the atmosphere of the party. Often family gathers are filled with one set of people going one way and another going to another, however, Bakker states that the atmosphere is usually to blame for it. For example, Kimberly Bakker’s suggestion is to create mood lighting, this means no bright fluorescent bulbs but rather soft candlelight or the addition of dimmers.

In addition, you can also bring out a family heirloom in order to have people focus on not only the physical object but also the meaning of the item as well. The holidays are a time for family and friends and this is the perfect thing to do to gain that feeling back.

Lastly, Kimberly Bakker reminds us to be a gracious host, she understands that you want your party to be the best it possibly can, but never forget to give time and attention to the people who traveled a long way to see you and spend their holidays with.


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Kimberly Bakker Tips For Making This Holiday Extra Special


A time like this when Christmas and the New Years are not far off, party planning is necessary before one runs out of time. Kimberly Bakker, owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, outlines tips that even the busiest people can use to pull off the perfect holiday event without breaking a sweat. The first tip for the perfect planning is developing lists for the menu, the people to invite and of activities prior to the event.

Bakker talks about becoming a gracious host by taking time to enjoy the party and dealing with the issues that may arise with a smile. This is because the host can influence the attitude of the gathering. Heirloom pieces are also important to create a warm environment for those that may recognize them

The room should be conducive for holding conversations and even though music is good, it should be at low volume to prevent distractions in parties where people want to make memories. It is important to avoid activities that may arouse hostile competition among those invited

Kimberly Bakker stated that it is almost impossible for a single person to carry out all the activities of the party alone. Therefore, one must have people they can count on to assist in some tasks. The drinks, especially cocktails should be prepared beforehand to prevent the host from playing the bartender the whole time.

Kimberly advocates for the use of soft light and combining it with other small sources of light such as candles, twinkle lights to make the event warmer. It offers the event a special feel that using overhead lights. There should be a comfortable budget that does not strain the host because overspending can cause stress.

Some of the food can be prepped before the day of the event, such as desserts to save on time. One should also leave themselves time to prepare for the event and most importantly avoid worrying so much over the party.


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Melissa Click Admits Her Comments Were Embarrassing But Wants People To View Her Career

Melissa Click made headlines during November of last year when she was caught on video asking for some muscle to come get rid of a journalist that was covering the student protests taking place at the University of Missouri. She was a professor of communications, but since then was suspended pending investigation.


In addition, she faces criminal charges as a result of her statements. Her charge includes third degree assault although she could get out of prosecution if she takes a plea and accepts community service.


Not only has she been suspended, but she has become the poster face for people who hate the First Amendment. Over 100 lawmakers in Missouri are asking that she be fired and in addition she has received a high number insults and threats from people she has never meant.


For three months she kept quiet, but then with the aid of Status Labs, the public relations firm, she has launched an offensive to rehabilitate herself. Click stated that she is not denying that she was out of line, but she explained that she just spoke spontaneously without thinking and did not mean to incite violence in any way.


She wants people to look at what she has done in the past 12 years a professor and has a letter signed by over a hundred faculty members that support the good she has done. She explains that she knows that was an embarrassing encounter, but it was one second out of a long career and she urges people to look at what she good has done during that time.


Click has made a good choice in getting the team at Status Labs to work with her. The Texas based public reputation firm creates unique solutions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client.
Co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has been named a member of PR Week’s Innovation 50 and his company is quickly becoming known globally as a leading PR firm. The company currently offers their crisis management services to over 1,500 clients spread out across 35 different countries.