Netpicks Trading Strategies was started 22 years ago at the onset of Day and Online Trading. It is currently headed by Mark Soberman, the founder, and president who works closely with a group of people with a high level of training and also have experience in the world of trading. The company management consists of Brian Short, the COO, and Co-partner, Shane Daly the Forex Analyst, Will Feibel the Future’s Analyst, Mike Rykse the Options Analyst among others. Netpicks headquarters are located in Irving, Texas.

The company aims at guiding traders to successful businesses through training them. This has led to the recognition of Netpicks as a gold standard level trainer. Netpicks offers training on systems, forex, stock market, options, future markets as well as signals among others.

Netpicks provides a guideline for the Forex Exchange traders through live signals and charts ( Forex trading takes part in different cities of the world such as Tokyo, London, Sydney, Paris and New York among others. This means that it is a 24 hours type of business. There are several types of trading involved in the forex business. The most preferred system is spot trading, while forward and future market trading are also considered despite being risky. Check

Netpicks identifies the characteristics of the forex market. The market system is depicted as very liquid hence trading currency pairs is efficient and encouraged. The liquidity of the market gives a provision for financial gain especially when there is fluctuation in prices ( The choices the traders have in the market are limited, meaning the currency pairs from which the traders choose are previously grouped.

The following terms are used in forex trading as explained by Netpicks. They include; the Price Interest Point or PIP which is a profit or loss. Bid price refers to the amount of money set by a seller and willing to be paid by a buyer for a currency pair or any other item of trade. The Ask Price is almost similar to bid price, in that they constantly change, but the ask price is set by the buyer intending to make a purchase. Spread is the margin between the bid and ask price of a given pair.

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