FreedomPop is Making the WhatsApp a Huge Success in Spain

Facebook owned WhatsApp is one of the most popular consumer mobile technologies on the market. This application is designed to give people free SMS messages on their mobile devices and computers. The WhatsAPP has been around for many years and has been a big hit with many Facebook users. Now, FreedomPop is pushing this new technology is Spain and plans on expanding it into new markets.

FreedomPop is a free mobile communications company that provides subscribers with free mobile device services. Consumers will receive free minutes, texts, and MB of data all at increments of 200. This means after they sign up they can get 200 minutes of talk time, 200 free texts and 200 mega bites of data.

This is a great service because it is free for anyone who wants to use it. So how this company give away these services for free? They simply rely on the consumers to purchase the extra features after they sign up for the initial device. This process works and FreedomPop is becoming one of the biggest mobile phone providers in the nation.

WhatsApp has been trying to find new ways to expand its market outside of the realm of Facebook users. One way that they accomplished this was by partnering with FreedomPop. Both companies decided to test market the WhatsApp in the mobile phone market within Spain. The comopany has apparently enjoyed 70% success in this market. Most mobile users within this nations are now WhatsApp Subscribers. Thanks to FreedomPop’s help, WhatsApp is growing by leaps and bounds without the use of Facebook.

FreedomPop received $50 million in funding to expand its market share. This organization is finding new and creative ways to accomplish this goal. Their free services are being embraced by many nations around the globe. The company has found great success with the WhatsApp and plans on expanding this app technology. The WhatsApp reach is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to do well in mobile phone markets across the globe. You can find out more about the WhatsApp and its success in Spain by checking out the article on Venture Beat.

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