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Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Skilled Anesthesiology Providers In Central Texas

Since the physicians and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) at Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA)serve eight hospitals and a number of ambulatory surgery centers in Austin, Texas and the surrounding communities, many of them have advanced training in pediatric, Cardiothoracic or obstetric anesthesiology.

However, the physicians and CRNAs do more than provide anesthesia services, they also are involved in the community. In addition to offering specialized care to children facing surgery at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, CAA members participates in the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach program, which offers children in under-served countries surgical care.

Founded in 1972. CAA strives to provide Central Texas residents with a safe, comfortable experience whenever they are facing major or minor surgery. As a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI),quality is at the heart of all their services. Physicians are either board certified or currently in the process of obtaining their certification, therefore, all patients receive care from a skilled, caring physician.

You may follow them on Twitter at @capanesth for more updates.

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