The Renowned Lawyer from New York City- Jeremy L. Goldstein

About Jeremy L. Goldstein


Jeremy L. Goldstein is the founder and a partner of a boutique law firm known as the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm specializes in matters of corporate governance, corporations’ executive repayment, and counselling on compensation committees. Moreover, Goldstein is a graduate of New York University of law; he also studied at the University of Chicago and Cornell University as well. What’s more, Goldstein had also served as a partner at Winchell, Lipton, and Rosen & Katz law firm among others before he established his boutique law firm.


Further, Goldstein has been in the law practice for quite some time whereby he is based in New York. He is a respected lawyer who has worked with various large companies in multiple sectors including petroleum companies, the banking sector, and stockholder organizations. Again, as an expert in the law practicing of compensation, he has been able to advise his clients accordingly on issues of payment and monetary legality. Equally important, the renowned lawyer is listed among the top in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and Legal 500.


Goldstein’s Recommendations on Employment Incentives


As a corporate governance law practitioner, Jeremy L. Goldstein has worked with several large entities such as Verizon, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. He has been involved with the companies as a law advisor on matters of employee Earnings per Share. While it is crucial for businesses to create sustainability in their expenditure, Goldstein believes that it is also essential to consider employment initiatives. Ignoring the same can harm the corporates as it would potentially cause wrangles from the employees together with the long-term investors. It is at this point where Goldstein comes in to save the situation by offering corporates the first-hand information about the value incentives and Earnings per Share (EPS) in accordance with the law.


Furthermore, Goldstein recommends the need to have incentive programs and performance-based rewards to boost productivity. With the stock price being dictated by EPS, companies gear their efforts to increase the funds to result in a win-win situation. In fact, the most successful companies have been attributed to having adopted the EPS system in the final payment of their employees. Notably, the stock price is what motivates the shareholders to acquire shares and therefore it is essential for corporates to raise its EPS for their employees depending on stock trade.


Additionally, some critics argue that the EPS metrics is for short-term profitability and that the reward systems used are unreliable as they are ever- changing. Again, Larry Fink, an expert in metrics states that both the company and employee stand to lose. It is for this reason, Jeremy L. Goldstein advocates for both parties (anti-EPS and pro-EPS) to reach a consensus and hold the company’s management responsible for their actions. This will consequently make the corporates to operate sustainable businesses along with the increase of the share growth. Learn more: