The Continued Expansion and Growth of OSI Group Company

For a good reason, OSI Food Solutions is among America’s top 100 food companies. The CEO, Sheldon Lavin has managed to transform the company into a multibillion-dollar food processor. It is located in 16 different countries. The firm is committed to excellence and puts the consumer first. They strive to meet any challenges that come their way through working as a team. Each of the employees of OSI Group understands that they are part of a more important team. Every employee is given an equal opportunity, and they are all treated as a family. The company strives to partner and form relationships that will be beneficial for all those involved.

OSI Group continues to expand its business. They have bought a food processing facility and storage warehouse in Chicago. The previous owner of the warehouse was Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is near OSI Group and will offer infrastructure to support the growth of the firm. The senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott, claims that they are excited to have this facility as part of the firm as it will enhance their capabilities to meet the needs of their clients. None of the financial details of purchase was disclosed. Also, the firm did not mention the type of products that they will process in that new facility.

In the recent past, OSI Food Solutions in Spain boosted its output of chicken products by adding a production line of high-capacity. The plant is located in Toledo completed the improvements they were making in 2017. This expansion process cost them a total of 17 million Euros. Before the completion of this expansion, the production capacity of the firm was about 12,000 tons of chicken annually. This production number doubled when this expansion was completed.

In the year 2016, OSI Group in Britain was given the Globe of Honor because of the level of care that they take in the managing those risks that may affect the environment. The ceremony award was in London. This firm was chosen among 18 other firms from all around the world. There were various standards that the firm had to pass before it was presented with this award. Each of the firms that made it to the final running must have shown excellent results in the managing of the environment at all their business levels. This award was presented to them by the British Safety Council. The chair of the safety council congratulated OSI Group for getting the award.

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OSI Group Succeeds Further To Rank Among Top Players In The Industry

Growing to overcome competition and challenges in a competitive market is not an easy process and may take many years before a company fully gets a sizeable share of the market. Many of the companies that operate in the food industry are run by principles and rules that are aligned towards offering product diversity and getting as many people to buy as possible. However, few concentrate on first dealing with the needs of their customers and the only measures they put in place are to make sales at the expense of quality.

This does describe a company that is not likely to stay in the industry for long and one that is also going to suffer losses should a new force emerge. OSI Group understands the benefits of working to serve its customers and the huge base of clients, who are interested in getting high quality products. In its previous announcements, the OSI Group proved to be on a curve of growth and to have attained a good market share, bigger than many leading companies in the industry.

Calculated strategy
To grow to its current position, OSI Group used a different strategy from the rest in the industry. Being unique is an idea that helps a company to be identified in the midst of many competitors with similar products. One of the issues OSI Group had to work on was getting the quality of products offered corrected. The company has been using the best practices of processing and production to ensure the products that are delivered to the market are verified for quality and appeal to the needs of many customers. This strategy also includes getting a share of the market other companies control.

A good example is the transaction OSI Group completed in August 2016 that saw the company get a controlling stake at a leading company in Germany and Netherland, Baho Food Company. The acquisition was a step towards increasing the market share of OSI and the plan returned perfect results that saw the company record as much as $6 billion from revenue that year alone.

It is still working on improving its profile and getting more shares at leading companies, which will open up its network and take its services to more countries across the world, hence speeding up the achievement of the company’s dream of serving the entire world and offering high quality and unique food products.

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