Stansberry Research Insurance Investment Tips

When the names Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham are mentioned, what comes to the minds of most people is about their successes in investments. However, not many people are aware of how these prolific individuals made it to the top. Stansberry Research is a financial advisory that explains the investment strategy that contributed largely to the success of these individuals. Warren and Graham invested in insurance premiums that paid more than the claims made. This strategy sounds simple, but when it is applied diligently, the results are amazing.


Stansberry Research was started by a committed entrepreneur called Porter Stansberry in 1999. At the time of its founding, the company was so small that Mr. Porter managed it from his kitchen. The company has rapidly amassed numerous subscribers since then. These subscribers follow the company on its website to view the numerous investment articles. Various articles on the site that are written by very experienced investment advisors. These articles are very informative, and due to this, some people have subscribed for lifetime updates.


The brainchild of Stansberry Research is Mr. Porter who has also always put his resources in the firm to see it thrive. Mr. Porter is very experienced in investment, and he always ensures that the articles are written are truthful and useful to the readers. One of his notable achievements is that he was the first American to write in Fleet Street Newsletter. This is the oldest financial newspaper in the world that is written in English. Being an employee of this company is mainly due to Mr. Porter’s extensive know-how about finances.


One of the recent articles to feature on Stansberry Research is about insurance. The article explains why some insurance companies to fare much better than the others. The article describes that insurance firms should look for effective means to ensure that they accumulate more premiums than the dividends that they pay out. This way, the company collects money that can be used to invest in other profit bringing activities. Stansberry Research has a list of the insurance companies that are effectively applying this strategy.