How Bridget Scarr Is Creating Content In A World Disrupted By Technology

If you work in media then you probably understand that the 21st century appears to be the age of the platform. The ways in which audiences that read text, watch video and listen to audio are receiving the content that they consume has changed dramatically. For instance not too long ago in the worlds of television and film the only way that a viewer could access a film was by purchasing a ticket to see it in a physical theater during an allotted time or by waiting several months for the film to be released via DVD and purchasing that DVD from a physical store or renting that DVD from a video rental store.


Nowadays the way that an audience accesses a movie has changed completely. They can purchase a digital copy of that movie and watch it on a device such as a television connected to the internet or they can stream that movie on their television, computer or mobile phone through a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. At one point in time Netflix was a service that operated largely as a platform where users could access movies created by film studios and older TV shows that had been originally aired on network television. These days however Netflix has been producing original content that can only be found on its platform including shows that have gone on to be hits such as House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and its collaboration with Dreamworks Voltron: Legendary Defender. This is a good example of how technology has combined with entertainment to transform consumers’ expectations and options where the consumption of TV and film is concerned. Another example is the fact that a social network like Facebook has shifted its focus towards video and is now producing original television shows that will be hosted on its website.


This new world of delivering visual experiences to consumers in new ways calls for a new kind of professional who understands that a television set is no longer the only way that people watch movies and sitcoms. This new world is being led by professionals such as Bridget Scarr a creative director in the United Kingdom who has experience creating visual content that lives on online and that spans new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Bridget Scarr has produced children’s TV shows and TV dramas. She has also worked for multidisciplinary companies such as Pollen Creative Media and live REALITIES. She also works with a company called Colibri Studios where she works on creating inventive media projects for clients. In addition to being a creative director Bridget Scarr is also a musician and an aspiring novelist who is writing her first book.


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